cosimo code
placeholder1331223Kon-Ti 1160James RiversIt's All Over
placeholder1331224Kon-Ti 1160James RiversGet With It
placeholder1331225Kon-Ti 1001Bro. Isaac ReddittPraise His Name
placeholder1331226Kon-Ti 1001Bro. Isaac ReddittMy Title's Clear
placeholder1331227Kon-Ti 1161Danny and The NoblesTreat Me Like You Do
placeholder1331228Kon-Ti 1161Danny and The NoblesThe Only One For Me
placeholder1331229Pitassy 209Howard And BiniDon't Wait Too Long
placeholder1331230Pitassy 209Howard And BiniIf You Love Me Today
placeholder133L 1231Wajo LP 133Southland Spiritual ChantersWalking The Heavenly Way - side one
placeholder133L 1232Wajo LP 133Southland Spiritual ChantersWalking The Heavenly Way - side two
placeholder2051235White Cliffs 208The SonicsJust Like Delilah
placeholder2051236White Cliffs 208The SonicsSo Tired
placeholder1891237Cinderella 1400Art NevilleMy Babe
placeholder1891238Cinderella 1401Art NevilleMy Dear, Dearest Darling
placeholder1331239Budix 133Chuck Mitchell with Buddy Stewart's TopnotchersHer Precious Love
placeholder1331240Budix 133Chuck Mitchell with Buddy Stewart's TopnotchersYour Good Loving
placeholder1331243White Cliffs 209The Antiques featuring Phil DannaTaught Me To Care
placeholder1331244White Cliffs 209The Antiques featuring Phil DannaGlistening Stars Are Shining
placeholder1331245Scram 101Ray BrackensCome On It's Carnival
placeholder1331246Scram 101Ray BrackensDo The Craw Fish
placeholder941247Ace 673Joe TexBoys Will Be Boys
placeholder941248Ace 673Joe TexBaby You're Right
placeholder2071249Bofuz 1103Ernest JacksonTrue Love Is Hard To Find
placeholder2071250Bofuz 1103Ernest JacksonI Miss You
placeholder2071251Bofuz 1102Al MichaelMickey Mouse (To Me)
placeholder2071252Bofuz 1102Al MichaelCherry Pie
placeholder851255Alon 9021Allen ToussaintPoor Boy, Got To Move
placeholder851256Alon 9021Allen ToussaintGo Back Home
placeholder1891257Cinderella 1401Art NevilleLittle Liza Jane
placeholder1331258Chase 6002The FabuliersI Go Walking
placeholder1331259Chase 6002The FabuliersThe Night Belongs To You
placeholder1741260Hot Line 117Jerry FouchaWake Up
placeholder1741261Hot Line 117Jerry FouchaCome On (Baby)
placeholder1741262Nola 709Jimmie "J"The Jet
placeholder1741263Nola 709Jimmie "J"No More
placeholder2051264White Cliffs 207Roland StoneDon't Believe Him Donna
placeholder2051265White Cliffs 207Roland StoneRemember That
placeholder2041266Track 201Bobby RenoMy Love For You
placeholder2041267Track 201Bobby RenoAll Around The Mulberry Bush
placeholder2041268Track 200Oliver MorganThe Original Crayfish
placeholder2041269Track 200Oliver MorganStagger Lee
placeholder2041272Virgil 101Debbie FallsYou Shouldn't Have
placeholder2041273Virgil 101Debbie FallsHurry, Hurry
placeholder1331276New Orleans Originals JM 65The Last StrawsFirst - side one
placeholder1331277New Orleans Originals JM 65The Last StrawsFirst - side two
placeholder851278Alon 9022Eldridge HolmesA Time For Everything
placeholder851279Alon 90223/13/65
Eldridge HolmesEmperor Jones
placeholder1351282Ran 103Bob NealThe American Story - side one
placeholder1351283Ran 103Bob NealThe American Story - side two
placeholder1331284Royal 501The SatellitesLust For Gold
placeholder1331285Royal 501The SatellitesBlue Medium
placeholder1741290Hot Line 1188/14/65
June Gardner99 Plus 1
placeholder1741291Hot Line 118June GardnerMustard Greens
placeholder1741292Hot Line 119The SneakersWhatcha Gonna Do
placeholder1741293Hot Line 119The SneakersI'm Goin' Back
placeholder1331294La Verne 107Ray WilsonLoving You
placeholder1331295La Verne 107Ray WilsonYou're Too Far Gone
placeholder1331296Paula 223Bill DunnamAll Those Raindrops
placeholder1331297Paula 223Bill DunnamNever More Than A Heartbeat Away
placeholder186L 1298Nobility LP 707Paul BarbarinBarbarin's Best At Dixieland Hall - side one
placeholder186L 1299Nobility LP 707Paul BarbarinBarbarin's Best At Dixieland Hall - side two
placeholder671300Hammond 268Jim OertlingBack Forty
placeholder671301Hammond 268Jim OertlingThe First One
placeholder1331302Les 101Bob BroockmannLittle Green Tomatoe
placeholder1331303Les 101Bob BroockmannEn Francais
placeholder2121304Scram 102The PhinxsStreet Jam pt.I
placeholder2121305Scram 102The PhinxsStreet Jam pt.II
placeholder851306Alon 9023The StokesBanana Split
placeholder851307Alon 9023The StokesThe Fat Cat
placeholder2041308Virgil 100Cindy ScottAll I Ever Want (Baby Is You)
placeholder2041309Virgil 100Cindy ScottI Understand
placeholder2121312Scram 103Richie MattaTime Out
placeholder2121313Scram 103Richie MattaNo, No, No, No
placeholder1331314Blue Jay 155Eddie BoThe River Of Tears
placeholder1331315Blue Jay 155Eddie BoFight It
placeholder851318Alon 9025The Young OnesSawdust
placeholder851319Alon 9025The Young OnesTwo Cents
placeholder2071320Bofuz 1105FairchildAnother Shoulder To Cry On
placeholder2071321Bofuz 1105FairchildIt Must Be Love
placeholder2071322Bofuz 1106The TemposWhy Don't You Write Me
placeholder2071323Bofuz 1106The TemposA Thief In The Night
placeholder2041324Pitassy 210Earl Stanley and The StereosMidnight In New Orleans
placeholder2041325Pitassy 210Earl Stanley and The StereosDaytime In New Orleans
placeholder851332Alon 9024Benny SpellmanI Feel Good
placeholder851333Alon 9024Benny SpellmanThe Word Game
placeholder1331336Wabo 102Travis and The TravellesAll Over
placeholder2141336Ciro 1006L.J. Foret and The Country BoysC'est Lui A Blame (it's Him To Blame)
placeholder2141337Ciro 1006L.J. Foret and The Country BoysElle Est Pas La Plus Jolie (She's Not The Prettiest)
placeholder1331337Wabo 102Travis and The TravellesPut The Hurt On Me Now
placeholder1331338Wabo 103Ken BozemanIt's All Right
placeholder1331339Wabo 103Ken Bozeman and The TravellersPhilly
placeholder2121340Scram 104Ethelyn McKeanBreakfast In Bed
placeholder2121341Scram 104Ethelyn McKeanDoo-Dle-Y-Do
placeholder1331343Chase 5000Aubry TwinsShy One
placeholder1331344Chase 5000Aubry TwinsI Won't Share Your Love
placeholder1331352Dale 107The VillagersJoann
placeholder1331353Dale 107The VillagersGlad You're Back
placeholder1331354Is-His 1000Shirkee SamfordPack Your Bags
placeholder1331355Is-His 1000Shirkee SamfordHer Story Has No End
placeholder2041358Pitassy 211Preston ScottI Cried At Sandy's Party
placeholder2041359Pitassy 211Preston ScottShe Left Me
placeholder851360Instant 3271Diamond JoeToo Many Pots
placeholder851361Instant 3271Diamond JoeIf I Say Goodbye
placeholder851362Instant 3270Sax KariAll These Things
placeholder851363Instant 3270Sax KariSomething You Got
placeholder2151366Big Beat 103The Deno'sHey Baby
placeholder2151367Big Beat 103The Deno'sThat Won't Get It
placeholder2151368Big Beat 105The ImpellasNever On Sunday
placeholder2151369Big Beat 105The ImpellasContinental Whip 65
placeholder2151376Big Beat 106Buddy WhiteSitting On Top Of The World
placeholder1331379Wajo 105Sister Alberta GullageI'm Toiling
placeholder1331380Wajo 105Sister Alberta GullageHe's Almighty
placeholder186L 1381Nobility LP 708Paul BarbarinLast Journey of a Jazzman - side one
placeholder186L 1382Nobility LP 708Paul BarbarinLast Journey of a Jazzman - side two
placeholder186L 1383Nobility LP 709Paul BarbarinLast Journey of a Jazzman Vol.2 - side one
placeholder186L 1384Nobility LP 709Paul BarbarinLast Journey of a Jazzman Vol.2 - side two
placeholder1331385Blue Jay 156Eddie BoDanger
placeholder1331386Blue Jay 156Eddie BoFee-Fie-Jum-Bo-Li
placeholder1331389Chase 4000The Singing BodiesWhat Am I Gonna Do With You
placeholder1331390Chase 4000The Singing BodiesMaybe Baby
placeholder2041391Virgil 102Alice Mae VictorJonah
placeholder2041392Virgil 102Alice Mae VictorDo You Care
placeholder2041393Virgil 103Alice Mae VictorWalk With Him Children
placeholder2041394Virgil 103Alice Mae VictorAin't It So
placeholder1291395White Cliffs 210Frankie FordBasin Street Blues
placeholder1291396White Cliffs 210Frankie FordLonesome Road
placeholder1331401Reginald 8670Eva-Larse(Won't Someone Help) This Poor Lost Soul
placeholder1331402Reginald 8670Eva-LarseThe Man Does Something To Me
placeholder2151403Big Beat 1088/7/65
Naomi BradlyA Fool In Love
placeholder2151404Big Beat 108Naomi BradlyWhy Not Tonight
placeholder1331405Bo-Bo 8669Cozy CorleyI Need True Love
placeholder1331406Bo-Bo 8669Cozy CorleyI Need A Woman
placeholder1331407Reginald 8671Carolyn FayeOh Baby I'm Yours
placeholder1331408Reginald 8671Carolyn FayeThat's All I Need Baby
placeholder851411Alon 9026The StokesBump Bump
placeholder851412Alon 9026The StokesWe Did It Again
placeholder2171413Apollo No#Al Michael and the MedallionsI Wanna Talk To You
placeholder2171414Apollo No#Al Michael and the MedallionsIf I Had A Record Machine
placeholder2071415Bofuz 1108Doug StanfordSame Old Crazy Me
placeholder2071416Bofuz 1108Doug StanfordThink Of Me
placeholder1331419Double 'M' 30Roy PooleI'll Carry You With Me (Wherever I Go)
placeholder1331420Double 'M' 30Roy PooleI'm Tired Of Wishing (For What Can Not Be)
placeholder2041421Track 202Bobby RenoMr. Lonely
placeholder2041422Track 202Bobby RenoA Love For All Eternity
placeholder1961423Watch 6344Leona BucklesBaby We Are Through
placeholder1961424Watch 6344Leona BucklesI'm Waiting (To Give My Love To You)
placeholder2141427Ciro 1007Rex King and The Country BoysBaby, Why Don't You Change Your Ways?
placeholder2141428Ciro 1007Rex King and The Country BoysYour Good Times (Are Gonna Turn Bad)
placeholder1331429White Cliffs 213The Herrington SistersI'll Praise His Name
placeholder1331430White Cliffs 213The Herrington SistersI'll Praise His Name
placeholder2051431White Cliffs 212The SaxonsWhat Will Become Of Me
placeholder2051432White Cliffs 212The SaxonsChippie
placeholder2051433White Cliffs 2114 Young MenHuggy Bear
placeholder2051434White Cliffs 2114 Young MenThe First Time
placeholder211437drew-Blan 1012Wayne DevilleMy Babe
placeholder211438drew-Blan 1012Wayne DevilleLove Me Now
placeholder641439Montel-Michelle 946Gee Gee Shinn and The Boogie KIngsDevil Of A Girl
placeholder641440Montel-Michelle 946Gee Gee Shinn and The Boogie KIngsFever
placeholder186L 1445Nobility LP 702bAlbert 'Papa' FrenchA Night At Heritage Hall Vol.2 - side one
placeholder186L 1446Nobility LP 702bAlbert 'Papa' FrenchA Night At Heritage Hall Vol.2 - side two
placeholder67L 1451Hammond LP 4495Luke Thompson and his Green Valley Boysside one
placeholder67L 1452Hammond LP 4495Luke Thompson and his Green Valley Boysside two
placeholder1741453Hot Line 120Senator JonesWhat'Cha Gonna Do
placeholder1741454Hot Line 120Senator JonesThe Boston Fleet
placeholder1741455Bonatemp 804Edward JonesEverything Will Turn Out Right
placeholder1741456Bonatemp 804Edward JonesDon't Ever Stop Loving Me
placeholder2051457White Cliffs 219Hugh Watts' Jeunes Amis Jazz BandHandy's Blues, Pt. 1
placeholder2051458White Cliffs 219Hugh Watts' Jeunes Amis Jazz BandHandy's Blues, Pt. 2
placeholder2051460White Cliffs 216Bob AllenLately
placeholder2051461White Cliffs 216Bob AllenI Don't Blame You
placeholder2051462White Cliffs 217Alex SpearmanI'll Whip It On You
placeholder2051463White Cliffs 21712/4/65
Alex SpearmanDown The Aisle
placeholder2051464White Cliffs 218Marie DubarryNever Trust A Man
placeholder2051465White Cliffs 218Marie DubarryWhy
placeholder1781470Frisco 113The Rouzan SistersMen Of War
placeholder1781471Frisco 113The Rouzan SistersDance Every Dance
placeholder851476Alon 9027Benny SpellmanSpirit Of Loneliness
placeholder851477Alon 9027Benny SpellmanMust Be Love
placeholder851478Instant 327210/9/65
Norman JohnsonLet Her Feel Your Kiss
placeholder851479Instant 3272Norman JohnsonValley Of Love
placeholder1331482Coleman 79George PeppYou Gotta Get A Wig
placeholder1331483Coleman 79George PeppSay It Once In A While
placeholder1331486Bervel 001Gary Tate and FriendsLove Songs Of The Nile
placeholder1331487Bervel 001Gary Tate and FriendsJust One More Chance
placeholder1331490(No Label Name) 1NichollodeonsNicholls Alma Mater
placeholder1331491(No Label Name) 1NichollodeonsNicholls Fight Song
placeholder2051492White Cliffs 220Oscar JacksonNosey Woman
placeholder2051493White Cliffs 220Oscar JacksonContrary Heart
placeholder2041494Virgil 104The Sugar LumpsI Can't Fight It
placeholder2041495Virgil 104The Sugar LumpsI've Got A Brand On My Baby
placeholder2141496Ciro 1009L.J. Foret and The Country BoysArrret D'Admirer (Stop Admiring Yourself)
placeholder2141497Ciro 1009L.J. Foret and The Country BoysFreme Pas Les Yeaux (Don't Close Your Eyes)
placeholder1331498Samter 216NomadsI Need Your Love
placeholder1331499Samter 216NomadsPlease Be True
placeholder2191500Seven B 7000Phil DannaGot Something Baby
placeholder2191501Seven B 7000Phil DannaI'll Be Gone
placeholder1781502Frisco 114Danny WhiteMy Living Doll
placeholder1781503Frisco 114Danny WhiteNote On The Table
placeholder2051506White Cliff(s) 214Don & RonGirl I Hope To Find
placeholder2051507White Cliff(s) 214Don & RonI'm So Sorry
placeholder1341508Dandy 001Sylvia And DaleNever Let You Go
placeholder1341509Dandy 001Sylvia And DaleOur Love
placeholder2051512White Cliffs 221Emile GuessWhat Did You Say To Her
placeholder2051513White Cliffs 221Emile GuessAt A Glance
placeholder1331516ABS 100Tommy ValSummer Is Over
placeholder1331517ABS 100Tommy ValWhatever Happened To My Girl
placeholder1331518Piq 204Tommy Val and Preston ScottBad Side Of Town
placeholder1331519Piq 204Tommy Val and Preston ScottWith You
placeholder2051522White Cliffs 222Joe WilsonHeaded For A Fall
placeholder2051523White Cliffs 222Joe WilsonGoddess of Love
placeholder1741524Nola 720Smokey JohnsonI Can't Help It Pt I
placeholder1741525Nola 720Smokey JohnsonI Can't Help It Pt II
placeholder1331526Acadian 301The Rue-LetsSugaree
placeholder1331527Acadian 301The Rue-LetsDo It
placeholder1331528Coleman 80George PeppThe Feeling Is Real
placeholder1331529Coleman 80George PeppBlow Betsy Blow
placeholder851530Alon 9028Billy FayardI Don't Know
placeholder851531Alon 9028Billy FayardI Get Mad, So Mad
placeholder2071538Bofuz 1110The Greek FountainsHowlin For My Darling (The Bo-Hog Song)
placeholder2071539Bofuz 1110The Greek FountainsGo Back Home
placeholder851540Alon 902912/18/65
The StokesYoung Man, Old Man
placeholder851541Alon 90291/15/66
The StokesOne Mint Julep


wex dealFresh out of the U.S. Army, Allen Toussaint - with new partner Marshall Sehorn - hits his stride with Lee Dorsey's Ride Your Pony, released by Amy, the New York-based subsidiary of Bell. Nola has minor success with Willie Tee's Teasin' You, produced by Wardell Quezergue, after distribution by Atlantic of New York.

ikoNew Orleans productions dominated by Toussaint and Quezergue, with songwriter Earl King heavily involved. Prominent labels are Instant/Alon, Nola/Hotline and White Cliffs, joined by Al Scramuzza's Scram. Lionel Whitfield's Whit label, from Baton Rouge, starts to use the Cosimo studios.

The Dixie Cups have Top 20 hit with Sugar Boy Crawford's Iko Iko for Red Bird of New York.

Vee-Jay collapses into bankruptcy, taking out Johnny Vincent's Ace label for a few years. Watch stops operations temporarily.
- John Broven