cosimo code
placeholder69709AFO 3103/16/63
Tammy LynnBaby
placeholder69710AFO 310Tammy LynnWhere Can I Go?
placeholder69711At Last 1003"Red" TylerOlde Wine
placeholder69712At Last 1003Mel LastieI Guess
placeholder11713Instant 32562/16/63
Art NevilleSkeet Scat
placeholder11714Instant 3256Art NevilleYou Won't Do Right
placeholder1715Rip 575Alex SpearmanI Can't Cry
placeholder11717Instant 32552/16/63
The NeptunesMake A Memory
placeholder11718Instant 3255The NeptunesHouse Of Heartaches
placeholder133719Samter 214Russ WayneMy Heart Loves Only You
placeholder133720Samter 2143/16/63
Russ WayneLove You
placeholder133721Bo-BoEd RipleyMemphis, Tenn.
placeholder133722Bo-BoEd RipleyThe Ballad of The Tix Tigers
placeholder176723Soundex 6042/16/63
Ronnie BarronIt's All In The Past
placeholder176724Soundex 6043/9/63
Ronnie BarronThe Hip Parade
placeholder64725Michelle 915Bill DunhamI Just Want To Be Loved
placeholder64726Michelle 915Bill DunhamNow I'm In Love Again
placeholder133731Keyzone 1350Brock TannerThat's My Heart
placeholder85731Alon 9009Marty LewisI Don't Want No Body
placeholder85732Alon 9009Marty LewisHolding On To What I Got
placeholder133732Keyzone 1350Brock TannerLater On In Life
placeholder69733At Last 1005Eddie BoTee Na Na Na Na Nay
placeholder69734At Last 1005Eddie BoTwinkle Toes
placeholder69735AFO 311Willie TeeWhy Lie
placeholder69736AFO 311Willie TeeI Found Out
placeholder64737Michelle 916Miss Ann and The NitehawksI'm Calling On You
placeholder75737Tear Drop 3012T.B. FisherDon't Change Your Mind
placeholder75738Tear Drop 3012T.B. FisherDon't Worry About Me
placeholder75739Tear Drop 3013Jerry StarrYou Don't Want Me
placeholder75740Tear Drop 3013Jerry StarrI'm Writing A Letter
placeholder64738Michelle 916The NitehawksMuddy
placeholder133741RAI 101Gerri HallMr. Blues (Found A Home With Me)
placeholder133742RAI 101Gerri HallI Cried A Tear
placeholder21743drew-Blan 1009Peter BuckDon't Let Me Cross Over
placeholder21744drew-Blan 1009Peter BuckLet My Lover Go
placeholder64745Montel 917Van BroussardMojo
placeholder64746Montel 917Van BroussardCrazy Baby
placeholder21746Drew 1005Wayne & The Velvet TonesSiboney
placeholder21747Drew 1005Wayne & The Velvet TonesOver The Waves
placeholder185747Trajon 101Jerry FouchaIf It's Better
placeholder185748Trajon 101Jerry FouchaRolling Like A Stone
placeholder69749A.F.O. LP 0001Ellis Marsalis QuartetMonkey Puzzle - side one
placeholder69750A.F.O. LP 0001Ellis Marsalis QuartetMonkey Puzzle - side two
placeholder133753Kam 701LudwigTo Be Or Not To Be
placeholder133754Kam 701The International SoundsTo Be Or Not To Be
placeholder85757Alon 9010Eldridge HolmesBegging For Your Love
placeholder85758Alon 9010Eldridge HolmesThe Sooner You Realize
placeholder143759Lanor 5146/8/63
Elton Anderson(Sorry) I'm Gonna Have To Pass
placeholder143760Lanor 514Elton AndersonI Love You So
placeholder103761Jin 173Warren LeeLondon Bridge
placeholder103762Jin 173Warren LeeGeraldine
placeholder11773Instant 3257Chris KennerCome Back And See
placeholder11774Instant 3257Chris KennerGo Thru Life (With You)
placeholder178775Frisco 107Willie WestI'm Back Again
placeholder178776Frisco 107Willie WestLost Love
placeholder133777Prann 5003George Jackson and The VanlonsWon't Nobody Cha-Cha With Me
placeholder133778Prann 5003George Jackson and The VanlonsWho Was That Guy
placeholder11781Yanden 1005Len BarrowNew Allen Road
placeholder186L 781Nobility LP 701Emanuel Sayles TrioBanjos On Bourbon - side one
placeholder186L 782Nobility LP 701Emanuel Sayles TrioBanjos On Bourbon - side two
placeholder11782Yanden 1005Len BarrowMr. Blues
placeholder1783Rip 575Alex SpearmanAnswer The Phone
placeholder133790Criket 919Al Michael and The PastellsFlying High
placeholder133791Criket 919Al Michael and The PastellsWhy Deny Me
placeholder64793Montel 920Van BroussardWhen It Rains It Pours
placeholder64794Montel 920Van BroussardIn Real Life
placeholder69795At Last 1006Eddie BoHold Me
placeholder69796At Last 1006Eddie BoI Found A Little Girl
placeholder187797Cinderella 1201Art NevilleLover Of Love Part 1
placeholder187798Cinderella 1201(No Artist Listed)Lover Of Love Part 2
placeholder64L 799Montel LP 103Kenny Gill + 2Guitar Moods - side one
placeholder64L 800Montel LP 103Kenny Gill + 2Guitar Moods - side two
placeholder190807Eon 103Harriet ReevesJust Friends
placeholder190808Eon 103Harriet ReevesCome To Me
placeholder178809Frisco 108Willie WestYou Told Me
placeholder178810Frisco 108Willie WestI Need Your Love (Baby)
placeholder96813Ric 994Tommy RidgleyI've Heard That Story Before
placeholder96814Ric 994Tommy RidgleyHonest I Do
placeholder11815Instant 32587/6/63
Eskew ReederUndivided Love
placeholder11816Instant 3258Eskew ReederThe Flu
placeholder85817Alon 9011Willie HarperMakin' Me Cry
placeholder85818Alon 9011Willie HarperShe's Far Away
placeholder69821AFO 312Ellis Marsalis QuartetYesterdays - Part 1
placeholder69822AFO 312Ellis Marsalis QuartetYesterdays - Part 2
placeholder11823Invicta 502"Chuck" JohnsonFor The Love Of Heaven
placeholder11824Invicta 502"Chuck" JohnsonElephant Fair
placeholder64832Michelle 921Dale & GraceFoolin' Around
placeholder11833Instant 3259The SamfordsAnother Like The Other
placeholder187834Cinderella 1202Willie TeeFoolish Girl
placeholder187835Cinderella 1202Harold BattisteThese Are The Thing's I Love
placeholder69837A.F.O. LP 0002The A.F.O. Executives with Tammy LynnA Compendium - side two
placeholder11840Instant 32609/28/63
Ernie K-DoeSufferin' So
placeholder11841Instant 3260Ernie K-DoeBaby Since I Met You
placeholder186L 842Nobility LP 702Albert 'Papa' FrenchA Night At Heritage Hall - side one
placeholder186L 843Nobility LP 702Albert 'Papa' FrenchA Night At Heritage Hall - side two
placeholder133844Princess 4025Errol LeeMy Heart Is Crying
placeholder133845Princess 4025Errol LeeLonely Wind
placeholder174846Nola 702Charles "Soul" BrownI'll Love You (If You Let Me)
placeholder174847Nola 7029/28/63
Charles "Soul" BrownStanding On The Outside
placeholder11848Alon 9012Skip EasterlingDon't Let Him (Come Between Us)
placeholder11849Alon 9012Skip EasterlingSugar Blocks
placeholder193850Thanks... 503Rev. Frank l. LewisKing Jesus Part I
placeholder193851Thanks... 503Rev. Frank l. LewisKing Jesus Part II
placeholder21852drew-Blan 1010Jay NelsonThings Won't Be The Same
placeholder21853drew-Blan 1010Jay NelsonMy Bonnie
placeholder187856Cinderella 120311/2/63
Eddie BoReassure Me
placeholder187857Cinderella 120311/2/63
Eddie BoShake, Rock and Soul
placeholder193861Booker 504Katherine HoltScratch
placeholder193862Booker 504Katherine HoltTired Of Crying
placeholder75863Shane 38Gee Gee Shinn with Bobby and The RockersI Apologize
placeholder75864Shane 38Gee Gee Shinn with Bobby and The RockersAin't That A Shame
placeholderL+K865L. and K. 1001Phil BoMy Sea Of Tears
placeholderL+K866L. and K. 1001Phil BoYou For Gave Me Once (Please Forgive Me Twice)
placeholder11869Instant 3261Al MichaelJump And Shout
placeholder11870Instant 3261Al MichaelHalf A Crown
placeholder189871Ace 666Chuck CarboOut On A Limb
placeholder189872Ace 666Chuck CarboCutting Out
placeholder189877Ace 667Mike LaneBlack Horse and A Blond Headed Woman
placeholder189878Ace 667Mike LaneI Catch Myself Crying
placeholder189879Ace 665Tim Whitsett and The ImperialsCotton Chopper
placeholder189880Ace 665Tim Whitsett and The ImperialsMonkey Man
placeholder192L 881Dover LP 1001The Coventry SingersRun Come See - side one
placeholder192L 882Dover LP 1001The Coventry SingersRun Come See - side two
placeholder85882Instant 3262Clint West and The B KingsI Won't Cry
placeholder85883Instant 3262Clint West and The B KingsI Need Your Loving
placeholder193886Booker 507Yvonne WilliamsNursery Rhymes
placeholder193887Booker 507Yvonne WilliamsI Just Told The Blues Goodbye
placeholder193888Invicta 505Cordia AllenTell Me How
placeholder193889Invicta 505Cordia AllenLove Is So Beautiful
placeholder187890Cinderella 1204Tommy RidgleyNo One But You
placeholder193890Invicta 509"Chuck" JohnsonPut Down That Gun
placeholder187891Cinderella 1204Tommy RidgleyThe Goose
placeholder193891Invicta 509"Chuck" JohnsonTrying Hard To Forget
placeholder174892Bonatemp 801Wardell & The Royal DukesThe Ragman Pt.1
placeholder174893Bonatemp 801Wardell & The Royal DukesThe Ragman Pt.II
placeholder11894Airecords 333Aaron NevilleFor Every Boy There's A Girl
placeholder11895Airecords 333Aaron NevilleI've Done It Again
placeholder11896Airecords 33412/7/63
The ShowmenLet Her Feel Your Kiss
placeholder11897Airecords 334The ShowmenValley Of Love
placeholder11898Local 806Ira GreenShining Gold Ring
placeholder11899Local 806Ira GreenIf I Ever Get Back
placeholder193900Booker 506Robert ParkerThe Laughing Monkey
placeholder193901Booker 506Robert ParkerLet's Do The Thing
placeholder193908Holy Ghost 201Ferman BernardStep By Step
placeholder193909Holy Ghost 201Ferman BernardJesus
placeholder64910Carmie 922Dixie CrystalsTiger Rag
placeholder64911Carmie 922Dixie CrystalsBad Dog
placeholder187912Cinderella 1205Eddie BoJust Like A Monkey
placeholder187913Cinderella 1205Eddie BoHave Mercy On Me
placeholder11914Instant 3263Chris KennerWhat's Wrong With Life
placeholder11915Instant 3263Chris KennerNever Reach Perfection
placeholder67916Hammond 4485Sonny StricklandTear Drops On My Pillow
placeholder67917Hammond 4485Sonny StricklandWhen You Passed Me By
placeholder67918Hammond 4486Ray BelcherChristmas With You
placeholder67919Hammond 4486Ray BelcherMy Prison Cell
placeholder178920Frisco 110Danny WhiteOne Little Lie
placeholder178921Frisco 110Danny WhiteLoan Me A Handkerchief
placeholder133924Dale 101Marvin Owens and The Marv-AiresAll Or Nothing
placeholder133925Dale 101Marvin Owens and The Marv-AiresI Never Knew
placeholder133926Samter 215Russ WayneMy Little Darlin'
placeholder133927Samter 215Russ WayneI Get So Blue
placeholder153928Goldband 1144Sonny DupanMonkey On My Back
placeholder153929Goldband 1144Sonny DupanI Dream
placeholder64939Michelle 924Grace & The KidnappersBy The Light Of The Silvery Moon
placeholder64940Michelle 924Grace & The KidnappersI Miss You So
placeholder193948Booker 202Rev. And Mrs. Jerry JerkinsWe Need More Of Jesus And Less Rock And Roll
placeholder193949Booker 202Rev. And Mrs. Jerry JerkinsBy And By
placeholder174951Nola 703Warren LeeA Letter To Santa
placeholder174952Nola 703Warren LeeOh Anna (We're Gonna Get Married)
placeholder174955Nola 704Eddie BoYou Are Going To Be Somebody's Fool Too
placeholder174956Nola 704Eddie BoA Heap See (But A Few Know)
placeholder85959Alon 9013Eldridge HolmesLovers Of The Land
placeholder85960Alon 9013Eldridge HolmesI've Got To Keep On Trying
placeholder195963Teia 1003Toni Dae & The Del SolsShe's Waiting For My Teardrops
placeholder195964Teia 1003Toni Dae & The Del SolsHe So Right
placeholder195965Teia 1001Bobby LongI've Been There Too
placeholder195966Teia 1001Bobby LongJenny Lee
placeholder195967Teia 1000Dave King and the Royal KnightsJust Riffin'
placeholder195968Teia 1000Dave King and the Royal KnightsWalkin' With David
placeholder195969Teia 1002Tiny WatkinsAll At Once
placeholder195970Teia 1002Tiny WatkinsTorturing Lover
placeholder186L 979Nobility LP 703Louis CotrellDixieland Hall Presents - side one
placeholder186L 980Nobility LP 703Louis CotrellDixieland Hall Presents - side two
placeholder21981drew-Blan 1011Jerry RainesDearest, Darling Josephine
placeholder21982drew-Blan 1011Jerry RainesThe Darkest Night


popeyeWest Coast-based Imperial, with subsidiary Minit, is sold to Liberty Records, marking the end of its long association with the Crescent City. From now on, the New Orleans scene is in the hands of local entrepreneurs, with Matassa taking a pivotal role.

New Orleans is caught up in the pre-Beatles lull, especially with Fats Domino being signed to ABC-Paramount and recording in Nashville without Dave Bartholomew.

1000One of the more notable local records, Chris Kenner's Land Of 1,000 Dances (Instant) is only a minor national hit, despite being distributed by Atlantic. Instant subsidiary Alon, under Allen Toussaint, is recording regularly without having any notable success, likewise Frisco Records.
Watch Records is formed by record shop owner Joe Assunto and distributor Henry Hildebrand. After a slow start Nola, an important future player, is building up steam under the musical guidance of Wardell Quezergue.
- John Broven