placeholder114186Instant 3305Huey Piano SmithBallad Of A Blackman
placeholder114187Instant 3305Huey Piano SmithThe Whatcha' Call 'Em
placeholder2404188Tune-Kel 6182/24/72
on label
Hollywood JillsDon't Try To Fake It
placeholder2404189Tune-Kel 618Hollywood JillsYour Sometimes Love
placeholder2194190Seven B LP Test PressingDon PittmanLot O' Piano - side one
placeholder2194191Seven B LP Test PressingDon PittmanLot O' Piano - side two
placeholder114192Instant 3306Delores RileyHey, Boy!
placeholder114193Instant 3306Delores RileyAbout My Past
placeholder2194194Seven B 7033Kenneth GilletteDark Is My World
placeholder2194195Seven B 7033Kenneth GilletteI Can't Lie To My Heart
placeholder2194196Busy-B 152/24/72 on labelMike EldredgePigeon Man
placeholder2194197Busy-B 15Mike EldredgeThere'll Be Many Other Nights
placeholder114198Instant 3307Lee BatesLook What They've Done To My Song, Ma
placeholder114199Instant 3307Lee BatesInternational Playboy
placeholder115000Instant 3309Skip EasterlingI'm Your Hoochie Koochie Man
placeholder115001Instant 3309Skip EasterlingOoh Poo Pah Doo
placeholder115002Instant 3310Lee BatesGonna Make You Mine
placeholder115003Instant 3310Lee BatesWhy Don't You Write
placeholder2195004Seven B 7034Don PittmanSnowbird
placeholder2195005Seven B 7034Don PittmanFor The Good Times
placeholder2195006Seven B 7035Kenneth GilletteThe World of The Losers
placeholder2195007Seven B 7035Kenneth GilletteAnother World Away
placeholder2405008Seven B 7036Little BuckWalking In The Mist
placeholder2405009Seven B 7036Little BuckEverybody's Love
placeholder2405012Trandular 1530Florence MiriamWish Me A Rainbow
placeholder2405012Instant 3311Skip EasterlingToo Weak To Break The Chains
placeholder2405013Instant 3311Skip EasterlingI'm Your Man
placeholder2405013Trandular 1530Florence MiriamAlways Thinking Of You
placeholder115014Instant 3312Skip EasterlingI Don't Know
placeholder115015Instant 3312Skip EasterlingIf I Ever Get Back
placeholder2405016Trandular 1531Paul DabdoubHe's My Friend
placeholder2405017Trandular 1531Paul Dabdoub(Jam) Get It Together
placeholder115018Instant 33131972 on labelLee BatesMean Mistreater
placeholder115019Instant 3313Lee BatesI Do Things Come Naturally
placeholder2195022Seven B 7038Earl TempleMidnight Sax
placeholder2195023Seven B 7038Earl TempleSaxy Country
placeholder1655024Instant 3314Boogie JakeEarly Morning Blues
placeholder1655025Instant 3314Boogie JakeBad Luck And Trouble
placeholder2405026Instant 3315Skip EasterlingTraveling Mood
placeholder2405027Instant 3315Skip EasterlingCoo Coo Over You
placeholder2405028Instant 3316Lee BatesYou Won't Do Right
placeholder2405029Instant 3316Lee BatesThree Trips Around The World
placeholder115030Instant 3317The Brothers TwoHow To Make Love
placeholder115031Instant 3317The Brothers Two Come And Make Me
placeholder115032Seven B 7039Don PittmanI Can't Believe You've Stopped Lovin' Me
placeholder115033Seven B 7039Don PittmanStand By Your Man
placeholder115034Instant 33181973 on labelLee BatesProject Queen
placeholder115035Instant 3318Lee BatesGirl, Listen To Me
placeholder115036Instant 3319Steve DixonSunday Afternoon In Memphis
placeholder115037Instant 3319Steve DixonA Good Love Is Hard To Find
placeholder2405038Polytex 500019/18/73
on label
Lori MannFilled With Misgivin', High Cost of Livin', Supermarket Blues
placeholder2405039Polytex 50001Lori MannYour Searching Everywhere For Me
placeholder115040Instant 3320Skip EasterlingO de O, O de O, Doe de O
placeholder115041Instant 3320Skip EasterlingWalking On Edges
placeholder115042Instant 33211973 on labelLee BatesSittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
placeholder115043Instant 3321Lee BatesKey To My Heart
placeholder2405044Instant 3322Point Of ViewI Would Be A Fool For You
placeholder2405045Instant 3322Point Of ViewMommie I Want To Be Your Boy
placeholder2195046Seven B 7040Don PittmanGonna Make A Vow
placeholder2195047Seven B 7040Don PittmanJava
placeholder2815048Go So 7421974 on labelThe DowntownersGonna' Getcha'
placeholder2815049Go So 742The DowntownersGotcha'
placeholder2195050Seven B 70411974 on labelDenny TaylorSay Goodbye Today
placeholder2195051Seven B 7041Denny TaylorMake It
placeholder2195052Seven B 70421974 on labelPete Eveland & The Royal Canal Street Band Inc.Drivin' Down To Dixie
placeholder2195053Seven B 7042Pete Eveland & The Royal Canal Street Band Inc.An Afternoon With Daisy
placeholder115054Instant 33231974 on labelLee Bates & The Velvet FunkHelp Me, Make It Through The Night
placeholder115055Instant 3323Lee Bates & The Velvet FunkSlowly
placeholder1335056Seven B 7043Larry BMilo Scmidlapp
placeholder1335057Seven B 7043Larry BGive Me Hope
placeholder1335058Instant 33241975 on labelTony LoveJust A Juvenile
placeholder1335059Instant 3324Tony LoveCrying Time Is Over
placeholder2505060Instant 33251975 on labelSteve DixonGoing Down For The Third Time
placeholder2505061Instant 3325Steve DixonAll That's Left Are The Memories
placeholder2405062Instant 33261975 on labelAlias Ducie & The New Orleans PoetsSinging La Dah Dee
placeholder2405063Instant 3326Alias Ducie & The New Orleans PoetsThen You'll Be There
placeholder2405064Instant 33271975 on labelCliff HolmesI Need Ya' Baby
placeholder2405065Instant 3327The Velvet Funk OrchestraI Need Ya' Baby Instrumental
placeholder2405066Instant 3328Point Of ViewI'm Superman
placeholder2405067Instant 3328Point Of ViewSimultaneously
placeholder1335068Instant 3329Lee Bates(What Am I Gonna Do) What Am I Gonna Say
placeholder116000Instant 3330Clemmon SmithAre You Sleeping, Brotherman? Part 1
placeholder116001Instant 3330Clemmon SmithAre You Sleeping, Brotherman? Part 2
placeholder116002Instant 33311976 on labelScooter LeeAbout My Past
placeholder116003Instant 3331Scooter Lee"Hey Boy!"
placeholder1656004Instant 33321976 on labelFreddie FenderToday's Your Wedding Day
placeholder1656005Instant 3332Freddie FenderSome People Say
placeholder116006Instant 33331977 on labelVedaYou Make Me Feel So Real
placeholder116007Instant 3333VedaWe Are His Children
placeholder116008Instant 33341977 on labelScooter LeeIt Doesn't Matter Anymore
placeholder116009Instant 3334Scooter LeeLookin' For Love
placeholder116010Instant 33351978 on labelSpellboun'Carry On
placeholder116011Instant 3335Spellboun'Dance Your Blues Pt II


atlanticThe fallout from Dover's fall continues when Wardell Quezergue takes King Floyd and Jean Knight to record at Malaco in Jackson, Mississippi, and they promptly land mammoth respective hits with Groove Me (Chimneyville) in 1970, and Mr. Big Stuff (Stax) in 1971.

clematisIn 1973, Toussaint and Sehorn set up the Sea-Saint studios and proceed to mop up most of the recording business in New Orleans. Even Matassa would work for them for a while after Jazz City closes in 1977.

By now, the music business is veering away from the single to the LP, with the major labels in the ascendancy with their own distribution systems. Dr. John does well with the Gumbo (1972) and In The Right Place (1973) albums for Atco, as do The Meters with Fire on the Bayou (Reprise 1975). Allen Toussaint starts recording creditably as an artist for Warner Bros., while Professor Longhair enjoys a revival.

Another page in New Orleans music history is about to be written but the classic R&B and soul era has come to an end.
- John Broven