cosimo code
placeholder94452Ace 651The Original Joe & AnnCuriosity
placeholder94453Ace 6515/12/62
The Original Joe & AnnHow I Feel
placeholder11454Instant 32422/3/62
Raymond LewisI'm Gonna Put Some Hurt On You
placeholder11455Instant 32422/10/62
Raymond LewisNine Cents Worth Of Chances
placeholder85456Alon 90022/10/62
Donel AustinTill I See The Sun
placeholder85457Alon 90022/10/62
Donel AustinInfatuation
placeholder11462Instant 32432/3/62
Johnny MeyersLonely Fool
placeholder11463Instant 3243Johnny MeyersWonderful Girl
placeholder64464Montel 101Al Michael & The CapersTwist Every Witcha-Kinda-Way
placeholder64465Montel 101Al Michael & The CapersSay You're Mine
placeholder94466Ace 653Jimmy BazzellLittle Things
placeholder94467Ace 6534/21/62
Jimmy BazzellSlow Poison
placeholder151468Eight Ball 1154Jos. L. WilliamsMy Baby's Gone Away
placeholder151469Eight Ball 1154Jos. L. WilliamsTell Me Where
placeholder75472Eric 7005The Gil Baca ComboElmers Tune
placeholder75473Eric 7005The Gil Baca ComboHave You Ever Been Lonely
placeholder75474Princess 4007Ken LindseyLet Me Cry
placeholder75475Princess 4007Ken LindseyWatching The Door
placeholder75476Princess 4005Joe BarryWhy Did You Say Goodbye
placeholder75477Princess 4005Joe BarryLittle Papoose
placeholder75478Som 1005Roosevelt JonesI Say! That's Allright
placeholder75479Som 1005Roosevelt JonesAny Old Time
placeholder75480Twist 9001Little David DunnPlease Don't Go
placeholder75481Twist 9001Little David DunnMy Gal Rockhead
placeholder75482Eric 7004Barbara LynnGive Me A Break
placeholder75483Eric 7004Barbara LynnDina & Patrina
placeholder75484Princess 4006Mickey GilleyWild Side Of Life
placeholder75485Princess 4006Mickey GilleyCaught In The Middle
placeholder75486Ventural 714Glen WellsBroken Heart School
placeholder75487Ventural 714Glen WellsMarti
placeholder94488Ace 650The AscotsI'm Touched
placeholder94489Ace 650The AscotsPerfect Love
placeholder11490Instant 32442/24/62
Chris KennerHow Far
placeholder11491Instant 32443/3/62
Chris KennerTime
placeholder11492Instant 32467/14/62
Art NevilleCome Back Love
placeholder11493Instant 32467/14/62
Art NevilleAll These Things
placeholder154496Rip 154Reginald HallThe Joke
placeholder154497Rip 154Reginald HallYou Can Think What You Want
placeholder94503Ace 6525/12/62
Scotty McKay feat. Tim Witsitt & His BandOlive Learned To Pop-Eye
placeholder94504Ace 6525/12/62
Scotty McKayShame
placeholder153509Goldband 1104Leon AshleyNot Going Home
placeholder75509Taper 101Jimmy "Frenchie" DeeForgive
placeholder75510Taper 101Jimmy "Frenchie" DeeI Ain't Givin' Up Nothin'
placeholder153510Goldband 1104Leon AshleyYou Win Again
placeholder85511Alon 90034/28/62
Willie HarperPower Of Love
placeholder85512Alon 9003Willie HarperYou're Gonna Pay
placeholder11515Instant 32453/24/62
Chick CarboIn The Night
placeholder11516 Instant 3245Chick CarboRun Henry
placeholder96518Ric 988recorded 2/15/62Freddy Tino & The Twisting CyclonesShoestring Twist
placeholder75519Tear Drop 3001Jerry (Count) JacksonThe Band Doll
placeholder75520Tear Drop 3001Jerry (Count) JacksonWhere Can You Be
placeholder75521Princess 4009Dale Chantel & The DominoesBuzz-Buzz-Buzz
placeholder75522Princess 4009Dale Chantel & The DominoesNow You're Gone
placeholder75523Cadette 8004Jay RichardAnymore
placeholder75524Cadette 8004Jay RichardI've Got The Best
placeholder64525Montel 911Three J'sPay Your Bills
placeholder64526Montel 911Three J'sGraduation Day - 1962
placeholder11529 Instant 3248Allen CollayNot Old Enough
placeholder11530 Instant 3248Allen CollayTake Your Time
placeholder94532Ace 6554/14/62
Jimmy ClantonJust A Moment
placeholder94533Ace 6554/14/62
Jimmy ClantonBecause I Do
placeholder143536Lanor 509Elton AndersonSick And Tired
placeholder143537Lanor 509Elton AndersonLife Problem
placeholder94L 538Ace LP 1018Roland StoneJust A Moment - side one
placeholder94L 539Ace LP 1018Roland StoneJust A Moment - side two
placeholder143539Lanor 510Shirley Bergeron with Alphee Bergeron and The Veteran PlayboysFrench Rocking Boogie
placeholder143540Lanor 510Shirley Bergeron with Alphee Bergeron and The Veteran PlayboysOld Home Waltz
placeholder154540Rip no#Dick RichardsWhen You Cry Your Heart Out
placeholder154541Ripno#Dick RichardsBless Us All
placeholder94L 542Ace LP 1019Various ArtistsLet's Have A Dance Party - side one
placeholder94L 543Ace LP 1019Various ArtistsLet's Have A Dance Party - side two
placeholder147544Chan 108
Don DowningJivin' Jean
placeholder147545Chan 108
Don DowningA Bird In The Hand
placeholder94546Ace 6566/2/62
Roland StoneSomeday Sweetheart
placeholder94547Ace 6565/19/62
Roland StoneMy Mother's Eyes
placeholder149548JC 10016/30/62
Becky ClarkYour Love's Grown Cold
placeholder149549JC 10016/30/62
Becky ClarkParty Doll
placeholder94L 550Ace LP 1022Holly LoveMy Love Confessions - side one
placeholder94L 551Ace LP 1022Holly LoveMy Love Confessions - side two
placeholder94L 552Ace LP 1017Scotty McKayTonight In Person - side one
placeholder94L 553Ace LP 1017Scotty McKayTonight In Person - side two
placeholder154556Rip 156Reggie HallAlways Picking On Me
placeholder154557Rip 156Reggie HallWork
placeholder11558Instant 32476/2/62
Chris KennerLet Me Show You How (To Twist)
placeholder11559Instant 32476/2/62
Chris KennerJohnny Little
placeholder165562Krash 5001Daryl VincentUnexpectedly
placeholder165563Krash 5001Daryl VincentLittle Girl
placeholder154564Rip 155Professor LonghairWhole Lotta Twisting
placeholder154565Rip 155Professor LonghairI Believe I'm Gonna Leave
placeholder154566Rip 158Deacon JohnI Can't Wait
placeholder154567Rip 158Deacon JohnWhen I'm With You
placeholder21568Drew 1003stamped 8/62The VikingsShoe String
placeholder21569Drew 1003stamped 8/62The VikingsWild Cargo
placeholder170570Samter 213Russ WayneCan't Get You Out Of My Mind
placeholder170571Samter 213Russ WayneDon't Know What To Do
placeholder154574Rip no#Professor LonghairEverybody's Blowing Part 1
placeholder154575Rip no#Professor LonghairEverybody's Blowing Part 2
placeholder85578Alon 9004Eldridge HolmesPoor Me
placeholder85579Alon 90047/14/62
Eldridge HolmesC.C. Rider
placeholder85581Alon 9018Benny SpellmanNo Don't Stop
placeholder11582IMA 101The Texas MatadorsI Found Her
placeholder11583IMA 101The Texas MatadorsFlower Blossom
placeholder171584Reno 171Geraldine Burnett & The Fabulous ThreePoor Girl's Dream
placeholder171585Reno 171Geraldine Burnett & The Fabulous ThreeLove Me Baby
placeholder11586Instant 32497/14/62
Johnny MeyersPillow Killer
placeholder11587Instant 32497/14/62
Johnny MeyersWaiter
placeholder11588Instant 3259The SamfordsChopin Was Nice
placeholder11590Instant 32508/25/62
Raymond LewisMiss Lolly
placeholder11591Instant 32509/1/62
Raymond LewisRuthless Lover
placeholder154592Rip 156Eddie BoYou're The Only One
placeholder154593Rip 156Eddie BoYou're With Me
placeholder11596Instant 325412/22/62
Chick CarboTwo Tables Away
placeholder11597Instant 325412/29/62
Chick CarboWhat Does It Take
placeholder85600Duchess 10178/25/62
Ralph SharonSeasons Of My Heart
placeholder85601Duchess 1017Ralph SharonJust Because
placeholder174602Nola 701The MedallionsYou Are Irresistible
placeholder174603Nola 701The MedallionsWhy Do You Look At Me
placeholder85604Alon 9006Willie HarperI'll Never Leave You
placeholder85605Alon 9006Willie HarperCloudy Weather
placeholder151606Eight Ball 1155Leo LaddBe My Love
placeholder151607Eight Ball 1155Leo LaddWhich Way To Go
placeholder1608Tulane 106Jackie JohnsonToo Late
placeholder1609Tulane 106Jackie JohnsonA True Love
placeholder11616Duchess 1018Johnny CarrollThe Sally Ann
placeholder11617Duchess 1018Johnny CarrollRun, Come See
placeholder11618Instant 3251Chuck DildayYou Never Looked Better
placeholder11619Instant 3251Chuck DildayLosing You Would Hurt Me More
placeholder163620Village 7778Ernie ChaffinSpare Me The Details
placeholder163621Village 7778Ernie ChaffinSet 'Em Up Joe
placeholder101621Frisco 10410/11/62
Danny WhiteKiss Tomorrow Goodbye
placeholder101622Frisco 104Danny WhiteThe Little Bitty Things
placeholder163622Village 7779Danny WinkleDon't Fall In Love
placeholder163623Village 7779Danny WinkleThe Girl At Johnny's
placeholder85628Alon 9008Kent AllanWhat Have I Done
placeholder85629Alon 9008Kent AllanToo Late For Tears
placeholder11630Instant 325210/20/62
Chris KennerLand Of 1000 Dances
placeholder11631Instant 3252Chris KennerThat's My Girl
placeholder133632Reno 133James Easterling (with The Blue Notes)You Think You're Smart
placeholder133633Reno 133James Easterling (with The Blue Notes)Angel Of Mine
placeholder133636no#-Three DiamondJoseph MorrisLife I Used To Follow
placeholder133637no#-Three DiamondJoseph MorrisOn My Way To Grandma
placeholder176640Soundex 602Benny FreemanCome On And Tell Her
placeholder176641Soundex 602Benny FreemanThe Hully Gully
placeholder71642Sonora 642L.S.U. School Songs Medley
placeholder71643Sonora 642Hey! Fightin' Tigers...
placeholder71644Montel 102Al Michael and The CapersTreasure Of My Life
placeholder71645Montel 102Al Michael and The CapersYak Yak
placeholder21646Drew 1003stamped 10/62Jerry RainesBarefoot Rock
placeholder21647Drew 1003stamped 10/62Jerry RainesDo We Have The Right
placeholder11650Instant 3253Wayman DixonIt's No Fun
placeholder11651Instant 3253Wayman DixonYou Put Love On My Mind
placeholder64652Montel 912Dale HoustonThe Angel Of Love
placeholder64653Montel 912Dale HoustonThat's What I Like About You
placeholder153654Goldband 1129The Booker SingersI Must Tell Jesus
placeholder153655Goldband 1129The Booker SingersCome In This House
placeholder133656MS Official State SongMaurice Thompson SingersGo, Mississippi
placeholder133657MS Official State SongJerry Lane OrchestraGo, Mississippi
placeholder21666drew-Blan 1008Jay NelsonYou're The One
placeholder21667drew-Blan 1008Jay NelsonHow Much Longer
placeholder154668Rip no#Eddie BoLet's Limbo
placeholder154669Rip no#Eddie BoMo-Jo
placeholder133670Odex 4001Barbara JeanWhile You're Out Shopping
placeholder133671Odex 4001Barbara JeanYou Don't Love Me (No More)
placeholder129677Eon 101The Hi-TonesWhat Was The Cause Of It All
(no #)
Jimmy CallawayJimmy Callaway Live On Stage (Part I)
(no #)
Jimmy CallawayJimmy Callaway Live On Stage (Part II)
placeholder129678Eon 101The Hi-TonesDon't Leave Me No Choice
placeholder129679Exit 102Marcel and The ExilesCastro Mash
placeholder129680Exit 102The ExilesBatch O'Nova
placeholder154681Rip 159Eddie BoWoman
placeholder154682Rip 159Eddie BoTemptation
placeholder69683At Last 1002The Woods BrothersTo You My Love
placeholder69684At Last 1002The Woods BrothersLove, Love, Love
placeholder143685Lanor 512Tony MattinaMy Baby Won't Be Home For Christmas
placeholder143686Lanor 512Tony MattinaDon't Ever Break My Heart
placeholder64687Montel 913The NitehawksRecord Machine
placeholder64688Montel 913The NitehawksBoogie Chillun
placeholder154689Rip 160Reggie HallMama Said
placeholder154690Rip 160Reggie HallTee-Na-Na
placeholder176691Soundex 603Warren LeeAnna (Stay With Me)
placeholder176692Soundex 603Warren LeeYou'll Be Sorry Someday
placeholder1693Tulane 107Jackie JohnsonSeeing Is Believing
placeholder1694Tulane 107Jackie JohnsonLooking For My Baby
placeholder178695Frisco 105The Rouzan SistersLover
placeholder178696Frisco 105The Rouzan SistersThe Limbo Party
placeholder85697Alon 90079/8/62
Don AustinStrongly In Love
placeholder85698Alon 9007Don AustinThe Thrill Of Yesterday
placeholder178699Frisco 105The Rouzan SistersDance Every Dance With Me
placeholder133702Prophet (no #)Prophet H. A. Green and Prince EugeneFather's Love
placeholder133703Prophet (no #)Prophet H. A. Green and Prince EugeneMy Prayer
placeholder64704Montel 914Randy RussellBecause I Don't Have You
placeholder64705Montel 914Randy RussellAll I Said (Was I Love You)
placeholder129706Eon 102Lisa PageTomorrow May Never Come
placeholder129707Eon 102Lisa PageChecking Out
placeholder75708Tear Drop 3007Jimmy DonleyForever Lillie Mae


popeyeThe difficulties facing the pioneering independent record companies are seen when Johnny Vincent's Ace label makes a distribution deal with Ewart Abner of Chicago's Vee-Jay Records. Vincent promptly scores a non-New Orleans recorded No. 7 pop hit with Jimmy Clanton's Venus In Blue Jeans. Fats Domino hit count for Imperial falls to five in the year.

New Orleans revels in its own dance craze with the Popeye, with good-selling records by Eddie Bo (Ric/Swan) and Ernie K-Doe (Minit).

Joe Banashak forms the Alon label with Allen Toussaint as producer. Other new local labels are Frisco (Connie La Rocca, Hal Atkins), JC (Joe Caronna), Nola (Ulis Gaines, Wardell Quezergue, Clinton Scott) and Rip (Rip Roberts). Ric and Ron's Joe Ruffino dies, bringing his labels to a halt.

Frisco's Danny White has a huge local hit with Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye but despite making the Bubbling Under charts the record can't break into the national spotlight.

Huey Meaux makes further profitable excursions to Cosimo's with the Barbara Lynn hits for Jamie; Meaux also records for his Eric, Princess and Som imprints. Other out-of-town labels include Drew, Lanor and Reno.

Cosimo Matassa forms the Dover label, distributed by London Records of New York, some four years before he set up the Dover distribution company. The label, with just a handful of releases, had little impact - unlike its successor.

- John Broven