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placeholder129985White Cliffs 200Bill Sinigal & the SkylinersSecond Line Part 1
placeholder129986White Cliffs 200Bill Sinigal & the SkylinersSecond Line Part 2
placeholder165987Alon 9014Skip EasterlingYou Sit and Cry Alone
placeholder165988Alon 9014Skip EasterlingWishing Well
placeholder165989Alon 9015The Man & Willie HarperKolank Kolank
placeholder165990Alon 9015Willie HarperGrumblin' Fussin' Nag Nag
placeholder193993Booker 510Katherine Holt Oliver Cornin And His "Rockets"Bad Luck And Trouble (Don't Last Always)
placeholder193994Booker 510Katherine Holt Oliver Cornin And His "Rockets"My Love
placeholder193995Booker 202Rev. And Mrs. Jerry JerkinsWe Need More Of Jesus And Less Rock And Roll
placeholder193996Booker 202Rev. And Mrs. Jerry JerkinsBy And By
placeholder129997Dover 103Bobby RenoYou Told Me A Lie
placeholder129998Dover 103Bobby RenoListen Baby
placeholder193999Renard 511Bob Ricks and "The Chartermen"Place In The Sun (A Tribute To John F. Kennedy)
placeholder1931000Renard 511Bob Ricks and "The Chartermen"My Lord - A
placeholder1091001Bourbon Street 2221/20/64 on labelNew Orleans Rag PickersCrazy Mixed Up Bourbon Street
placeholder1091002Bourbon Street 222New Orleans Rag PickersYou're Back In My Arms In My Dreams
placeholder1891004Teem 1009The Soul ShakersAll Of My Days
placeholder1891005Teem 1009The Soul ShakersI'm Pressing On
placeholder1651006Instant 32644/25/64
Ernie K-DoeTalkin' Out Of My Head
placeholder1651007Instant 3264Ernie K-DoeReaping What I Sow
placeholder1331008Carey Tate 001Julia Lee & Her Kansas City BoyfriendsDream Lucky
placeholder1331009Carey Tate 001Julia Lee & Her Kansas City BoyfriendsKnock Me Clear Out!
placeholder1651012Local 807The FabulettesIf It Wasn't For Girls
placeholder1651013Local 807The FabulettesOh, The Mardi Gras
placeholder941014Ace 671Huey & CurleyAt The Mardi Gras
placeholder941015Ace 671Huey & CurleySecond Line
placeholder1931016Big Bee 515Edward JonesLoving You Everyday
placeholder1931017Big Bee 515Edward JonesLong Gone, On My Way
placeholder1931022Big Bee 516Little Hulon ViningSo Tired Of Crying Over You
placeholder1931023Big Bee 516Little Hulon ViningDon't Have To Cry Anymore
placeholder1541028Rip 576Bobby MitchellWalking In Circles
placeholder1541029Rip 576Bobby MitchellYou Got The News
placeholder1331030Sleeper 113John McDonaldSleep
placeholder1331031Sleeper 113John McDonaldJohn's Careless Love
placeholder1331032Sleeper 112Chris CollinsTwo Pieces Of Paper
placeholder1331033Sleeper 112Chris CollinsLearnin' To Pick
placeholder1291036White Cliffs 202Reggie PitassyEaster Bunny Bring My Daddy Home
placeholder1291037White Cliffs 202Reggie PitassyI'm Gonna Color My Eggs All Blue
placeholder186L 1038Nobility LP 704'Frog' and his FriendsAt Dixieland Hall - side one
placeholder186L 1039Nobility LP 704'Frog' and his FriendsAt Dixieland Hall - side two
placeholder1741040Nola 705Betty TaylorI'm Going Home
placeholder1741041Nola 705Betty TaylorYou're A Winner
placeholder1741042Bonatemp 802Billy TircuitI Confess
placeholder1741043Bonatemp 802Billy TircuitI Was A Fool
placeholder1991048Booker 203John LeeIt Will Be So Wonderful
placeholder1991049Booker 203John LeeIt's Harvest Time
placeholder1651052Instant 32654/25/64
Chris KennerShe Can Dance
placeholder1651053Instant 3265Chris KennerAnybody Here Seen My Baby
placeholder1991054Booker 204Prof. J.W. WilliamsHelp Me Stay On The Road ('Til I Get Home)
placeholder1991055Booker 204Prof. J.W. WilliamsThere Is Nothing Like The Spirit Of The Lord
placeholder1331056Regal 101The SaxonsTreat Me Right
placeholder1331057Regal 101The SaxonsCanadian Sunset
placeholder1751058Eyewitness LP 1001Lee Harvey OswaldSelf Portrait In Red - side one
placeholder1751059Eyewitness LP 1001Lee Harvey OswaldSelf Portrait In Red - side two
placeholder1951060Teia 1005Len Fallen with The Del-SolsMoments, Hours, Days
placeholder1951061Teia 1005Len Fallen with The Del-SolsThe Mad Fad
placeholder1331064Arrow 711Eddie BoFare Thee Well
placeholder1331065Arrow 711Eddie BoLet's Let It Roll
placeholder1651066Instant 3266The SamfordsBen's Creek
placeholder1651067Instant 3266The SamfordsForty Room Shack
placeholder1651068Local 808Ray WilsonHow Come, How Come
placeholder1651069Local 808Ray WilsonHow Can I Reach You
placeholder641074Carmie 101Bonnie Fussell and The Dixie CrystalsLend Me Your Pencil
placeholder641075Carmie 101Bonnie Fussell and The Dixie CrystalsI Don't Know
placeholder1991076Booker 205Rev. Freddie DunnDunn In Action For Jesus (Part 1)
placeholder1991077Booker 205Rev. Freddie DunnDunn In Action For Jesus (Part 2)
placeholder2041078Pitassy 203Reggie PitassyI've Got The Blackboard Blues
placeholder2041079Pitassy 203Reggie PitassyLittle Hearts Get Broken
placeholder1331080Chase 6000Mike And The JokersThere's Got To Be A Girl
placeholder1331081Chase 6000Mike And The JokersTo Tease And Please
placeholder1331082Abkot 2-45Harold Hunt featured with Leon Prima & His All Star BandDrinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
placeholder1331083Abkot 2-45Harold Hunt featured with Leon Prima & His All Star BandPretty Valentine
placeholder1651084Alon 9016Eldridge HolmesPopcorn, Pop, Pop!
placeholder1741084Nola 706Smokey JohnsonIt Ain't My Fault Pt. 1
placeholder1741085Nola 706Smokey JohnsonIt Ain't My Fault Pt. 2
placeholder1651085Alon 9016Eldridge HolmesBe My Baby
placeholder1331086Whitkay 505Country Girl KayOld Montana Trail
Canadian Waltz
placeholder1331087Whitkay 505Country Girl KayUtah Two Step
Life Is Not A Bed Of Roses
placeholder186L 1088Nobility LP 705Blanche Thomas with 'Papa' FrenchAm I Blue - side one
placeholder186L 1089Nobility LP 705Blanche Thomas with 'Papa' FrenchAm I Blue - side two
placeholder1991090Booker 206The Zion HarmonizersGod Will Take Care Of You
placeholder1991091Booker 206The Zion HarmonizersI Can Hear My Savior Calling
placeholder1991092Booker 207Rev. G.A. BeachmanThe Prayer of Rev. G.A. Beachman
placeholder2041092Pitassy 204Eddie PowersI'll Dream No More
placeholder2041093Pitassy 204Earl Stanley & The StereosFish Eyes
placeholder1991093Booker 207The Teenage Choir of Old Zion B.C.King of Kings
placeholder2051094White Cliffs 202Tony SullivanMargaret
placeholder2051095White Cliffs 202Tony SullivanI Would If I Could
placeholder1331096Regal 102Nick MarinoFirst Time
placeholder1331097Regal 102Nick MarinoDon't Say Goodbye
placeholder1331100Sho-Biz 2002Cindy ScottLove's Sweet Sorrow
placeholder1331104Regal 103Preston ScottThat's My Sandy
placeholder1331106Dale 104Cordia AllenLover's Call
placeholder1331107Dale 104Cordia AllenCopy Cat Shadow
placeholder671110Hammond 267Jim Oertling and The Bayou BoysA Wild Rose
placeholder671111Hammond 267Jim Oertling and The Bayou BoysOld Moss Back
placeholder1651112Alon 9017Skip EasterlingLittle Wonderful Girl
placeholder1651113Alon 9017Skip EasterlingShiny Gold Ring
placeholder1741114Bonatemp 803Vic CornishMust Be Love
placeholder1741115Bonatemp 803Vic CornishMake Up Your Mind
placeholder1981116Trumpet 500Dave Bartholomew and his OrchestraThe Monkey Speaks His Mind
placeholder1331118Chase 6001Mike Ancona and The JokersTides Of Time
placeholder1331119Chase 6001Mike Ancona and The JokersBound For Love
placeholder2041120Pitassy 205Johnny MeyersCountry Ida
placeholder2041121Pitassy 205Johnny MeyersCountry Ida
placeholder1541122Fun 303"Lil" SnookCheetah
placeholder1541123Fun 303"Lil" SnookSweetness
placeholder1331124White Cliffs 205Steve Babin and the TrademarksRambling Baby
placeholder1331124Rays 133Steve Babin and the TrademarksRambling Baby
placeholder1331125Rays 133Steve Babin and the TrademarksShare Your Love With Me
placeholder1331125White Cliffs 205Steve Babin and the TrademarksShare Yor Love With Me
placeholder1331127Dale 106Sonny WayneMine All Mine
placeholder1331128Dale 106Sonny WayneSlow Down
placeholder1741132Nola 707Curley MooreSoul Train
placeholder1741133Nola 707Curley MoorePlease Do Something For Me
placeholder186L 1134Nobility LP 706'Kid' HowardAt Zion Hill Church (Great Spirituals) - side one
placeholder186L 1135Nobility LP 706'Kid' HowardAt Zion Hill Church (Great Spirituals) - side two
placeholder1341136Tam 101Dan Diamond with The Sylvia Diamond SingersYou Make Me Feel So Good Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey
placeholder1341137Tam 101Dan Diamond with The Sylvia Diamond SingersThe Stranger
placeholder1331138Whit 712Bobby Powell & The TreatsWhat Are You Trying To Do To Me
placeholder1331139Whit 712Bobby Powell & The TreatsRed Sails
placeholder491140Vibra 1140Pete Kogos and The CountsDitto
placeholder491141Vibra 1140Pete Kogos and The CountsHour By Hour
placeholder1991142Booker 301Chuck Johnson & The HillbilliesYour Little World
placeholder1991143Booker 301Chuck Johnson & The HillbilliesThe Way You Treat Me
placeholder1991144Booker 300John LeeOne Step At A Time
placeholder1991145Booker 300John LeeOld Man River
placeholder1331146Bo-Bo 8666Maxine Thomas Al White And The HilitersRome Wasn't Built In A Day
placeholder1331147Bo-Bo 8666Maxine Thomas Al White And The HilitersYour Promises
placeholder1331148Yulando 8665Jody WilliamsTime For A Change
placeholder1331149Yulando 8665Jody WilliamsLonely Without You
placeholder1331152Dale 105Fred Brink(I'm As) Free As The Breeze
placeholder1331153Dale 105Fred Brink(When You Were) Sweet Sixteen
placeholder13311543-Way 100Rev. Freddie DunnServant's Prayer
placeholder13311553-Way 100Rev. Freddie DunnWatching And Waiting
placeholder1981158Trumpet 500Dave Bartholomew and his OrchestraCherry Pie
placeholder1541159Blue Jay 154Eddie Bo With The BaronsGotta Have More
placeholder1541160Blue Jay 154Eddie Bo With The BaronsCome To Me
placeholder1651161Alon 90182/6/65
Benny SpellmanTaint It The Truth
placeholder1651162Instant 326811/7/64
Eskew Reeder, Jr.I Woke Up Pt. 1 (with my mind on my baby)
placeholder1651163Instant 3268Eskew Reeder, Jr.I Woke Up Pt. 2 (with my mind on my baby)
placeholder1651164Local 809Thelma EdenAll I Want Is You
placeholder1651165Local 809Thelma EdenStrawberries In December
placeholder641166Michelle 933Ronnie BarronThe Grass Looks Greener Yonder
placeholder641167Michelle 933Ronnie BarronDid She Mention My Name
placeholder2041168Pitassy 206Bobby Reno And The InfurnosI've Been Hoo-Dood
placeholder2041169Pitassy 206Bobby Reno And The InfurnosJust Like A Fool
placeholder1331170Sleeper 114Jerry & JohnnyCold, Cold Heart
placeholder1331171Sleeper 114Jerry & JohnnyWaiting Here For You
placeholder2051172White Cliffs 204Bob Allen & The WanderersIt's About Time
placeholder2051173White Cliffs 204Bob Allen & The WanderersLonging For You
placeholder2071174Bofuz 1100Bonnie FussellTell The World About You
placeholder2071175Bofuz 1100Bonnie FussellKeep Walking On
placeholder641176Michelle 935Lee TillmanFortune Teller
placeholder641177Michelle 935Lee TillmanOne Kind Of Love
placeholder641178Michelle 934Joe TexThe Next Time She's Mine
placeholder641179Michelle 934Joe TexI've Got A Song
placeholder2071180Bofuz 1101Ernest Jackson and The TytansOur Love Will Always Be The Same
placeholder2071181Bofuz 1101Ernest Jackson and The TytansIt's You I Love
placeholder1331182Fun 304The QueenettsHow Long (Can I Hold My Tears)
placeholder1331183Fun 304The QueenettsSo Lucky In Love
placeholder941184Ace 672Huey "Piano" Smith & His New ClownsEvery Once In A While
placeholder941185Ace 672Huey "Piano" Smith & His New ClownsSomebody Told It
placeholder2041186Pitassy 207Eddie PowersNo Cure For The Blues
placeholder2041187Pitassy 207Earl Stanley and The StereosStereo Walk
placeholder1991190Big Bee 401Mildred Scott & The HilbilliesDrop Out
placeholder1991191Big Bee 401Mildred Scott & The HilbilliesSadness In My Heart
placeholder1991193Big Bee 400Little Hulon Vining and The Hill BilliesSanta Don't Always Bring Happiness
placeholder1991194Big Bee 400Little Hulon Vining and The Hill BilliesHide And Go Seek
placeholder851195Alon 9020Al FayardDoin' Sumpin' Part 2
placeholder851196Alon 9020Al FayardDoin'Sumpin' Part 1
placeholder851197Alon 9019The StokesWhipped Cream
placeholder851198Alon 9019The StokesPie Crust
placeholder1651199Instant 3269Polka Dot SlimA Thing You Gotta Face
placeholder1651200Instant 3269Polka Dot SlimAin't Broke, Ain't Hungry
placeholder1741205Nola 708Willie TeeWalkin' Up A One Way Street
placeholder1741206Nola 708Willie TeeTeasin' You
placeholder2041211Pitassy 208Miss Johni NaylorSt James Infirmary Blues
placeholder2041212Pitassy 208Miss Johni NaylorRed Wine For My Blues
placeholder1331213Whit 713Merle SpearsIt's Just A Matter Of Time
placeholder1331214Whit 713Merle SpearsAin't No Need
placeholder1331215Watch 6339Richie Matta & The ClefsI'm Just Walking
placeholder1331216Watch 6339Richie Matta & The ClefsSince You've Been Gone
placeholder2051217White Cliffs 206Al Belletto and The KidsHave A Happy, Happy New Year
placeholder2051218White Cliffs 206Al Belletto and The KidsHave A Very, Merry Christmas


The Beatles and the related British Invasion temporarily knock the steam out of the New Orleans scene, as elsewhere.

chapelNew Orleans is kept in the news with big hits recorded outside the city: The Dixie Cups score a No. 1 pop hit with the New York-recorded Chapel Of Love (Red Bird, run by Leiber & Stoller and George Goldner); and Soul Queen of New Orleans Irma Thomas has a West Coast-recorded Top 20 hit with I Wish Someone Would Care for the revamped Imperial label. Fats Domino has four minor Nashville-recorded hits for ABC-Paramount.
party on
Nola makes an impact with Smokey Johnson's future classic It Ain't My Fault, distributed by Vee-Jay.

Cosimo Mastassa starts up the White Cliffs label in close association with Henry Hines of Greenville, Miss. with a Mardi Gras hit: Second Line by Bill Sinigal. Huey Meaux falls out with Matassa and stops recording in New Orleans.
- John Broven