cosimo code
placeholder2051542White Cliffs 223China FlairBaby I Love You
placeholder2051543White Cliffs 223China FlairHe's My Man
placeholder1331548Lucky Sounds 713Ernest (Chewing Gum) JonesI Need You So
placeholder1331549Lucky Sounds 713Ernest (Chewing Gum) JonesHurricane Betsy
placeholder2051550White Cliffs 224El Pauling & The Five RoyalesRight Road Now
placeholder2051551White Cliffs 224El Pauling & The Five RoyalesMr. Moon Man
placeholder1961552Watch 1905The PaupersShe's Gone Away
placeholder1961553Watch 1905The PaupersTeardrop
placeholder1331554Deep Delta 5Stoney Carlisle & His Texas BuckaroosAt This Table
placeholder1331555Deep Delta 5Stoney Carlisle & His Texas BuckaroosCharlie Polka
placeholder1331558Eight-Ball 1558Bobby BrownSeven Lonely Days
placeholder1331559Eight-Ball 1558Bobby BrownI Tried To Belong
placeholder1991568Booker 500J.J. WallaceTrue Love Was Never Meant For Me
placeholder1991569Booker 500J.J. WallaceLooking For Lee
placeholder1331570ABS 105Charles BrimmerNow She's Gone Gone
placeholder1331571ABS 105Charles BrimmerSitting Down Thinking
placeholder2141572Style 100Rex King & The Country BoysI'm Just Fooling Myself
placeholder2141573Style 100Rex King & The Country BoysYour Old Home Town
placeholder1331574Booker 303Rev. F.H. Dunn and Congregation(Part I) Remember Me
placeholder1331575Booker 303Rev. F.H. Dunn and Congregation(Part II) Remember Me
placeholder2051576White Cliffs 228Billy SheppardThe Phoenix Love Theme
placeholder2051577White Cliffs 228Billy SheppardPack Of Letters, Pack Of Lies
placeholder2051580White Cliffs 225Al White & The Hi-LitersJamaica
placeholder2051581White Cliffs 225Al White & The Hi-LitersThem Drums Pt.II
placeholder2051582White Cliffs 226James And The James GangAnd You
placeholder2051583White Cliffs 226James And The James GangAct Right
placeholder2051584White Cliffs 229Ronnie Kole TrioBatman Theme
placeholder2051585White Cliffs 229Ronnie Kole TrioNarom's Blues
placeholder1331591Wajo 210Israel Baptist Church ChoirsCome On
placeholder1331592Wajo 210Israel Baptist Church ChoirsCome On
placeholder1741593NOLA 7214/4/66
Robert ParkerBarefootin'
placeholder1741594NOLA 721Robert ParkerLet's Go Baby (Where The Action Is)
placeholder111595Instant 3273Cathy SavoyLet This Love Of Ours Begin
placeholder111596Instant 3273Cathy SavoyTough Guy
placeholder111599Instant 3274Nettie MarshNo Tears Have I
placeholder111600Instant 3274Nettie MarshString Of Lies
placeholder1331603Royal 555Tony RayKathy
placeholder1331604Royal 555Tony RaySadness Is My Name
placeholder2051605White Cliffs 245Freddie VelYou're The Reason
placeholder2051606White Cliffs 245Freddie VelCome On In Blues
placeholder2231609U-Doe 101Glory RhodesI'm Gonna Change The World
placeholder2231610U-Doe 101Glory RhodesStay Out Of My Way
placeholder1741611Hot Line 901Curley MooreSoul Train
placeholder1741612Hot Line 901Curley MooreThis Way I Do
placeholder531613Sho-Biz 400The Soul BrothersLater For You
placeholder531614Sho-Biz 401The Soul BrothersLonely Man
placeholder1981615Broadmoor 101Dave BartholomewJunk Man
placeholder1981616Broadmoor 101Dave BartholomewHey-Hey
placeholder1331617Exchange 101Dow JonesTrue Fine Mama
placeholder1331618Exchange 101Dow JonesRip It Up
placeholder1331619Spera 113Hagan Schouest Bayou BuccaneersBelle Fleur (Beautiful Flower)
placeholder1331620Spera 113Hagan Schouest Bayou BuccaneersRevieens Donc A'Moi (Return To Me)
placeholder1651621Seven B 70014/2/66
Roger & The GypsiesPass The Hatchet (Part 1)
placeholder1651622Seven B 7001Roger & The GypsiesPass The Hatchet (Part II)
placeholder1331623Vanco 2002Vera VanderlaanAmerica Awake!
placeholder1331624Vanco 2002Vera VanderlaanDon't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You
placeholder1331625Vanco 2001Vera VanderlaanTo A Fallen Soldier
placeholder1331626Vanco 2001Vera VanderlaanFreedom Isn't Free
placeholder1331627Tail-Gate 1001Bo Jr.Coffee Pot - Pt. 1
placeholder1331628Tail-Gate 1001Bo Jr.Coffee Pot - Pt. II
placeholder2141631Ciro 1010L.J. Foret and The Country BoysPetite Robe Rouge (Little Red Dress)
placeholder2141632Ciro 1010L.J. Foret and The Country BoysJoue Une Valse (Play A Waltz)
placeholder1741637Hot Line 902The SonatasGoing On Down The Road
placeholder1741638Hot Line 902The SonatasVendor Come Back (to Me)
placeholder2071639Bofuz 1113Jimmy and The OffbeatsStronger Than Dirt
placeholder2071640Bofuz 1113Jimmy and The OffbeatsMiracle Worker
placeholder1331641Exchange 102Mike Ancona & The JokersThere'll Come A Day
placeholder1331642Exchange 102Mike Ancona & The JokersTo Say I Love You
placeholder2051643White Cliffs 230The SonicsCome Home Baby
placeholder2051644White Cliffs 230The SonicsCrescent Walk
placeholder1331645Dynamic 101The PussycatsA Little Bit Never Hurt Anybody
placeholder1331646Dynamic 101The PussycatsThat's What Happens When You Find Love
placeholder1741649Bonatemp 401Willie TeeAin't That True Baby
placeholder1741650Bonatemp 401Willie TeeYou Gonna Pay Some Dues
placeholder2231653U-Doe 102Glory RhodesNot That Kind Of Guy
placeholder2231654U-Doe 102Glory RhodesGonna Be Somebody
placeholder1331655Vanco 2003Vera VanderlaanFreedom Is A Hammer
placeholder1331656Vanco 2003Vera VanderlaanCarry On Legionnaires
placeholder1331657Vanco 2004Vera VanderlaanThe Redcoats Come
placeholder1331658Vanco 2004Vera VanderlaanSing Out For Freedom
placeholder1331659Vanco 2004Mary Bertucci[no title on record]
placeholder186L 1660Nobility LP 710George LewisAt Dixieland Hall - side one
placeholder186L 1661Nobility LP 710George LewisAt Dixieland Hall - side two
placeholder1651662Seven B 7002Eddie BoWhat You Gonna Do
placeholder1651663Seven B 7002Eddie BoFallin' In Love Again
placeholder851664Alon 9030Skip EasterlingRun Along To Mama
placeholder851665Alon 9030Skip EasterlingAll For You
placeholder1331666Wabo 104Travis PritchettKeep Walking Shoes
placeholder1331667Wabo 104Travis PritchettWhipping Tree
placeholder941668Ace 672The Soul ShakersCatch That Girl
placeholder941669Ace 672The Soul ShakersIt Really Works
placeholder941670Ace 673Gene Thompson and the CountsWon't You Let Me Know
placeholder941671Ace 673Gene Thompson and the CountsYou Don't Love Me
placeholder2221672El-Tee 101Charles DixonCome To Me
placeholder2221673El-Tee 101Charles DixonOne Of These Days
placeholder2051676White Cliffs 231The Masonic KingsHe Has Never Left Me Alone
placeholder2051677White Cliffs 231The Masonic KingsOur Heavenly Father's Children
placeholder1741679Sapphire 913Senator JonesMy Baby's Back
placeholder1741680Sapphire 913Senator JonesBaby It's Too Late
placeholder1741681Bonatemp 402Raymond LewisLife Is A Well Made Plan
placeholder1741682Bonatemp 402Raymond LewisI Got To Get It
placeholder1741683Hot Line 903Billy TircuitAround About Noon
placeholder1741684Hot Line 903Billy TircuitCrying
placeholder111685Instant 3275The Big WolfeA Good Foundation
placeholder111686Instant 3275The Big WolfeThe Place (New Orleans)
placeholder851687Alon 90315/21/66
Benny SpellmanIt's For You
placeholder851688Alon 9031Benny SpellmanThis Is For You My Love
placeholder1331689Eight-Ball 1560James RiversBird Brain
placeholder1331690Eight-Ball 1560James RiversTighten Up
placeholder531691Sho-Biz 402The Soul BrothersTake This Pain
placeholder531692Sho-Biz 402The Soul BrothersLover Man
placeholder1741693Hot Line 904Guitar RayBall & Chain
placeholder1741694Hot Line 904Guitar RayYou've Got Something
placeholder2051696White Cliffs 234James And The James GangHey Girl
placeholder186L 1701Shalom LP 711Sweet EmmaAt Heritage Hall - side one
placeholder186L 1702Shalom LP 711Sweet EmmaAt Heritage Hall - side two
placeholder2051709White Cliffs 232Alex SpearmanStranded In The Desert
placeholder2051710White Cliffs 232Alex SpearmanYou'll Never Find Another Man Like Me
placeholder2051711White Cliffs 233Ann DanielsThe Name's The Same
placeholder2051712White Cliffs 233Ann DanielsLove Bug
placeholder1781713Frisco 115Wanda RouzanHere's A Letter From Home
placeholder1781714Frisco 115Wanda RouzanLong Time No See
placeholder2041715Virgil 105Timmie LittleTeenage Prayer
placeholder2041716Virgil 105Timmie LittleGot It All Figured Out
placeholder1331717Trend 1001Charles SmithYou Need Education
placeholder1331718Trend 1001Charles SmithTell Him That You're Mine
placeholder1741719Hot Line 905Gerri HallWho Can I Run To
placeholderplaceholder1741720Hot Line 905Gerri HallI Lost The Key
placeholder2051723Deesu 301Wilbert HarrisonClementine
placeholder2051724Deesu 301Wilbert HarrisonSentimental Journey
placeholder2051725Deesu 302Maurice WilliamsBeing Without You
placeholder2051726Deesu 302Maurice WilliamsBaby, Baby
placeholder1331727Mar-A-Thon 101Sammy KingYour Old Standby
placeholder1331728Mar-A-Thon 101Sammy KingShe's Moody With Her Love
placeholder2281733Houma 1004Rick WooleyMy Babe
placeholder2281734Houma 1004Rick WooleySong For Laura
placeholder2051735Deesu 303Daisy BurrisIn Love To Stay
placeholder2051736Deesu 303Daisy BurrisFour Strong Winds
placeholder2191737Seven B 70037/30/66
rec world
Oliver MorganRoll Call
placeholder2191738Seven B 7003Oliver MorganSure Is Nice
placeholder111743Instant 3276Art NevilleHook, Line And Sinker
placeholder111744Instant 3276Art NevilleBuy Me A Rainbow
placeholder1741745NOLA 722Smokey JohnsonWhip It Pt.1
placeholder1741746NOLA 722Smokey JohnsonWhip It Pt.II
1331747Tail-Gate 1002Jesse ThomasBases Are Loaded
1331748Tail-Gate 1002Jesse ThomasShould I Pay Dues
placeholder1331749Pitter-Pat 101Shin-Dig Smith and The Soul ShakersThrough Fooling Around Pt.1
placeholder1331750Pitter-Pat 101Shin-Dig Smith and The Soul ShakersThrough Fooling Around Pt.II
placeholder2271753ABS 107Earl HarrisonCan You Forgive Me
placeholder2271754ABS 107Earl HarrisonHumphrey Stomp
placeholder2051755Deesu 304The ZodiacsMay I
placeholder2051756Deesu 304The ZodiacsThis Feeling
placeholder2231757U-Doe 103The Cottage SingersTani
placeholder2231758U-Doe 103The Cottage SingersRight Now
placeholder2171759Apollo 007Swinging Medallions featuring Al MichaelSomething You Said To Me
placeholder2171760Apollo 008Swinging Medallions featuring Al MichaelWaiting For You
placeholder205L 1761NOLA LP 1001Robert ParkerBarefootin' - side one
placeholder205L 1762NOLA LP 1001Robert ParkerBarefootin' - side two
placeholder1741765Hot Line 906Donna KingTake Me Home
placeholder1741766Hot Line 906Donna KingBless His Heart
placeholder1331767Wajo 211The Gospelettes of New OrleansJesus Cares
placeholder1331768Wajo 211The Gospelettes of New OrleansStay On The Road
placeholder2191768Seven B 7004stamped
Sharon GilbertI Wonder What Would Happen
placeholder2191769Seven B 7004Sharon GilbertWhere The Lonely's Go
placeholder851770Alon 9032The StokesLock, Stock & Barrel
placeholder851771Alon 9032The StokesCrystal Ball
placeholder1741772NOLA 724Raymond ParkerRing Around The Roses (Pocket Full Of Posies)
placeholder1741773NOLA 724Raymond ParkerShe's Coming Home
placeholder133L 1774Dresden Co. Inc. LPVarieties Of Tempos - side one
placeholder133L 1775Dresden Co. Inc. LPVarieties Of Tempos - side two
placeholder2051778White Cliffs 235Ronnie Kole TrioIt's Magical You
placeholder2051779White Cliffs 235Ronnie Kole TrioTony's Tune
placeholder2301780Tail-Gate 1003Jackie AveryUnderstanding
placeholder2301781Tail-Gate 1003Jackie AveryI Got Love
placeholder2171782Apollo 009Walter B & The UntouchablesI Can't Stop Loving You
placeholder2171783Apollo 010Walter B & The UntouchablesShe Was Wrong
placeholder2281786Houma 1004Johnny LawtonRoughneck's Heaven
placeholder2281787Houma 1004Johnny LawtonFourteen & Seven
placeholder2051788Manhattan 801The SatansMakin' Deals
placeholder2051789Manhattan 801The SatansLines and Squares
placeholder2051790Manhattan 802Tony DeanMy Group Has Too Many Cavities
placeholder2051791Manhattan 802Tony DeanJust For Fun
placeholder1991793Booker 306The Southern BellesHe Is My Everything
placeholder1991794Booker 306The Southern BellesHold On
placeholder1991795Booker 308Rev. J. L. StrautherJust As I Am Pt.1
placeholder1991796Booker 308Rev. J. L. StrautherJust As I Am Pt.2
placeholder1331801Wajo 212Brother Joseph Page & The Golden EaglesGod's Face
placeholder1331802Wajo 212Brother Joseph Page & The Golden EaglesI'm Toiling
placeholder2051803White Cliffs 237Joe HaywoodWarm And Tender Love
placeholder2051804White Cliffs 237Joe HaywoodI Would If I Could
placeholder111805Instant 3277Chris KennerI'm Lonely, Take Me
placeholder111806Instant 3277Chris KennerCinderella
placeholder1331807N.O.P.I. 802Cavalcade of Gospel StarsI Feel Alright
placeholder1331808N.O.P.I. 802Cavalcade of Gospel StarsAny How
placeholder1331809N.O.P.I. 803Cavalcade of Gospel StarsWe Need To Get Back
placeholder1331810N.O.P.I. 803Cavalcade of Gospel StarsNothing's Too Hard For God To Do
placeholder2051811White Cliffs 236Beaver and The TrappersHappiness Is Havin'
placeholder2051812White Cliffs 236Beaver and The TrappersIn Misery
placeholder2231813U-Doe 104Palace GuardsSorry
placeholder2231814U-Doe 104Palace GuardsBetter Things To Do
placeholder2051815White Cliffs 238The PatriotsBatch O'Nova
placeholder2051816White Cliffs 238The PatriotsEagle Feathers
placeholder2051817NOLA 725Frankie ChervalTo Make A Big Man Cry
placeholder2051818NOLA 725Frankie ChervalA Girl Has A Right (To Change Her Mind)
placeholder1991819Booker 307Rose Lee StewartGod Will Take Care Of You Pt.1
placeholder1991820Booker 307Rose Lee StewartGod Will Take Care Of You Pt.2
placeholder1991821Booker 309John LeeIt's Harvest Time
placeholder1991822Booker 309John LeeIt Will Be So Wonderful
placeholder1781823Frisco 116Wanda RouzanWould You Love Me
placeholder2051825White Cliffs 239The RocksWho Do You Love
placeholder2051826White Cliffs 239The RocksKeep My Woman Home
placeholder1741828NOLA 7269/3/66
Robert ParkerHappy Feet
placeholder1741829NOLA 726Robert ParkerThe Scratch
placeholder205L 1829White Cliffs LP 1001The Ronnie Kole TrioLive At Kole's Corner - side one
placeholder205L 1830White Cliffs LP 1001The Ronnie Kole TrioLive At Kole's Corner - side two
placeholder2191831Seven B 7005Eddie BoFrom This Day On
placeholder2191832Seven B 7005Eddie BoLet Our Love Begin
placeholder111833Instant 3278TraciLittle Evil
placeholder111834Instant 3278TraciThe Loser
placeholder2051835Apollo AM 009Pok A-A-Dot SlimGo-Ahead-Slim
placeholder2051836Apollo AM 009Pok A-A-Dot SlimTrick Bag
placeholder133L 1837N.O.P.I. LP 1001New Zion Baptist ChurchThe Best Of New Zion - Side 1
placeholder133L 1838N.O.P.I. LP 1001New Zion Baptist ChurchThe Best Of New Zion - Side 2
placeholder1331839N.O.P.I. 806Prof. Edwin B. HoganIn Times Like These
placeholder1331840N.O.P.I. 806Prof. Edwin B. HoganIn Times Like These
placeholder1331841Trend 1002The GemsYour Love Just Comes To My Mind
placeholder1331842Trend 1002The GemsShe Means The World To Me
placeholder2321845Par Lo 10111/19/66
Aaron NevilleTell It Like It Is
placeholder2321846Par Lo 101Aaron NevilleWhy Worry
placeholder2111847Ring 104Eddie PowersConfess Your Love To Me
placeholder2111848Ring 104Eddie PowersThe Way I Do
placeholder2051849White Cliffs 240Ronnie Kole TrioFlight of the Green Hornet
placeholder2051850White Cliffs 240Ronnie Kole TrioCasey
placeholder2111853Ring 101Mickey and The FailuresTear's And Dreams
placeholder2111854Ring 101Mickey and The FailuresHello Sue
placeholder1331857RAP 101Rick's ContinentalsYou Can Live It Up (But You Can't Live It Down)
placeholder1331858RAP 101Rick's ContinentalsCold Lonely Winter
placeholder2051863Manhattan 803Jimmie GraceI Just Wanted Him To Know
placeholder2051864Manhattan 803Jimmie GraceI Almost Believed Him
placeholder1651865Masque 2936George PeppFor You
placeholder1651866Masque 2936George PeppHe Created Woman
placeholder1651867Tune-Kel 600Sax Kari & The CodesSpanish Drums
placeholder1651868Tune-Kel 600Sax Kari & The CodesSiesta
placeholder1741874Hot Line 907The Bare FactsWatch Your Step
placeholder1741875Hot Line 907The Bare FactsOver And Over
placeholder2311878Axe 101DiabloWhite Lightning
placeholder2311879Axe 101DiabloIf You Run
placeholder2191882Seven B 7010Art Sir VanAll My Love
placeholder2191883Seven B 7010Art Sir VanThe Little Girl
placeholder1331884Eight-Ball 1561James RiversDeep In My Heart
placeholder1331885Eight-Ball 1561James RiversCrying The Blues
placeholder1331887O'Day 106Howard Hebert and The Pleasure SeekersRockin' Country Style
placeholder2051890Deesu 305Warren LeeWaiting For A Bus (To Go Home)
placeholder2051891Deesu 30511/26/66
Warren LeeStar Revue
placeholder111892Instant 3279The Pitter PatsIt Do Me Good Pt. 1
placeholder111893Instant 3279The Pitter PatsIt Do Me Good Pt. II
placeholder2051894Dynamic 103PussycatsWon't You Be Mine
placeholder2051895Dynamic 103PussycatsOne True Love
placeholder2051896Dynamic 102Booney TaylorCrazy Feeling
placeholder2051897Dynamic 102Booney TaylorIt's Raining
placeholder2051898San 1516Gene ThomasMy Baby's In Love With Another Guy
placeholder2051900White Cliffs 242Joe WilsonI'm Her Only Man
placeholder2051901White Cliffs 242Joe WilsonI Want To Love You
placeholder2051902White Cliffs 243The MagneticsSacrificing
placeholder2051903White Cliffs 243The MagneticsTomorrow
placeholder1331904Local Talent (no #)Bobbi O'NeillMake The Most Of Each Day
placeholder1331905Local Talent (no #)Bobbi O'NeillWhy Care
placeholder1741906Action 101South SoulLost
placeholder1741907Action 101South SoulHungry For Your Love
placeholder2251908PanAmerican 5000Tony MattinaAs Time Goes On
placeholder2251909PanAmerican 5000Tony MattinaI Need A Love To Share
placeholder2251910Exchange 103Chris Miller & The Soul BrothersLook At Me
placeholder2251911Exchange 103Chris Miller & The Soul BrothersLet's Get A Little Thing Going
placeholder2051914White Cliffs 246Tommy Dawn & The SunsetsPoor Little Ugly
placeholder2051915White Cliffs 246Tommy Dawn & The SunsetsWanted $10,000 Reward
placeholder2051916White Cliffs 248Joe HaywoodHand In Hand
placeholder2051917White Cliffs 248Joe HaywoodLet's Make It
placeholder2181918Seven B 7006Eddie LangThe Love I Have For You
placeholder2181919Seven B 7006Eddie LangSomething Within Me
placeholder2051920San 1516Gene ThomasNo One But You
placeholder2051921White Cliffs 249The Fabulous FalconsDolly
placeholder2051922White Cliffs 249The Fabulous FalconsI Wanna Be With You
placeholder1741923NOLA 727Smokey JohnsonDirty Red
placeholder1331924Arbet 1014The RapidsI'll Cry Tomorrow
placeholder1331924Arbet 1015The RapidsSeven Little Numbers
placeholder1741934NOLA 728Jerry FouchaMusic Time
placeholder1741935NOLA 728Jerry FouchaCome On, Baby
placeholder1741936NOLA 729Robert ParkerTip Toe
placeholder1741937NOLA 729Robert ParkerSoul Kind Of Loving
placeholder1331938Whit 718Lee TillmanTrash (Instrumental)
placeholder1331939Whit 718Lee Tillman & The SecretsShe's The One I Love
placeholder133L 1940WDSU TVMrs. Fritz Lindey
Bob & Jan Carr
Phun With Fonetiks - side A
placeholder133L 1941WDSU TVMrs. Fritz Lindey
Bob & Jan Carr
Phun With Fonetiks - side B
placeholder2251942Morceau 5000Paul Varisco & The MilestonesShe's A Big Girl Now
placeholder2251943Morceau 5000Paul Varisco & The MilestonesHey Girl
(no #)
Jimmy CallawayJimmy Callaway Live On Stage (Part I)
(no #)
Jimmy CallawayJimmy Callaway Live On Stage (Part II)
placeholder133L 1946Marca LP 555Bill HollidayFights Mental Health - side one
placeholder133L 1947Marca LP 555Bill HollidayFights Mental Health - side two
placeholder1331948Mar-A-Thon 102Sammy KingWhat a Night
placeholder1331949Mar-A-Thon 102Sammy KingAin't Like It Used To Be
placeholder1331950White Cliffs 250Danny & The NoblesThe Only One For Me
placeholder1331951White Cliffs 250Danny & The NoblesThe Trawel
placeholder1331954Fordom 101William McgeeFeel Alright
placeholder1331955Fordom 101William McgeeAlways
placeholder1331956Fordom 102David Battist & The GladiatorsCut Out
placeholder1331957Fordom 102David Battist & The Gladiators6th Ward High Step
placeholder2191958Alon 9033Skip EasterlingThe Grass Looks Greener
placeholder2191959Alon 9033Skip EasterlingKeep The Fire Burning
placeholder2191960Seven B 7007Oliver MorganThe La La Man Pt. 1
placeholder2191961Seven B 7007Oliver MorganThe La La Man Pt. 2
placeholder1331962Arnall 101The BenedictsGoin' Down The Highway
placeholder1331963Arnall 101The BenedictsAnd I Think Of You
placeholder1741964NOLA 730Robert ParkerA Letter To Santa
placeholder174NOLA 730Robert ParkerC.C. Rider
placeholder2361968Hartco 003Little Kemp & The ValientsIt's Been A Long Time
placeholder2361969Hartco 004Little Kemp & The ValientsShoot Your Arrow
placeholder1331970O'Day 107Jay DerouenI'll Go On Loving You
placeholder1331971O'Day 107Daryl ChoateI Picked Up The Pieces
placeholder2051972Deesu 306Willie WestGreatest Love
placeholder2051973Deesu 3062/11/67
Willie WestHello Mama
placeholder1741974Hot Line 909George WoodsShe's So Fine
placeholder1741975Hot Line 909George WoodsI Know You Got Someone Else
placeholder1741976Hot Line 908Earl KingPoor Sam
placeholder1741977Hot Line 908Earl KingFeeling My Way Around
placeholder2051982Arbet 1016Shadden & The King LearsCome Back When You Grow Up
placeholder2051983Arbet 1016Shadden & The King LearsAll I Want Is You
placeholder2361984Hartco 001Ted HartChristmas Flowers
placeholder2361985Hartco 002Little Teresa AnnThe Christmas Letter
placeholder111986Instant 3280Chris KennerAll Night Rambler Pt.1
placeholder111987Instant 3280Chris KennerAll Night Rambler Pt.2
placeholder2231992U-Doe 105Better Half DozenI Could Have Loved Her
placeholder2231993U-Doe 105Better Half DozenI'm Gonna Leave You
placeholder2361994Hartco 005Rod Rogers & The Swinging StringsMr. Whiskers
placeholder2361995Hartco 006Rod Rogers & The Swinging StringsIt's Christmas Again


doverCosimo Matassa launches the Dover organization as a recording/record pressing/distribution/marketing and promotion one-stop operation for the smaller indie labels to boost the local scene. Dover has immediate Top 10 hit with Robert Parker's Barefootin' (Nola), produced by Wardell Quezergue.

BarefeetLee Dorsey continues run of hits for Toussaint, climaxed by Working In The Coal Mine (No. 8, Amy). The Toussaint-Sehorn partnership launches its own labels: Deesu (distributed by Dover) and Sansu (distributed by Bell).

Dave Bartholomew starts Broadmoor label. Eddie Bo begins producing for Instant and its Seven B subsidiary.

Cosimo Recording Studios sees an upsurge in activity during the year with some 420 singles released compared with 300 in 1965.
- John Broven