placeholder1651998Tune-Kel 601Sax Kari & The CodesLudwig
placeholder1651999Tune-Kel 601Sax Kari & The CodesHere And There
placeholder1332002Tornado 1003The CastawaysYou Were Telling Lies
placeholder1332003Tornado 1003The CastawaysAin't Gonna Cheat On Me
placeholder1332004O'Day 108Jimmy Choates - Cliff Dehart and The LouisianansSleeping On The Floor
placeholder1332005O'Day 108Jimmy Choates - Cliff Dehart and The LouisianansFarewell Waltz
placeholder1332006Wabo 105The Moon Dawg'sThe Competition Coup
placeholder1332007Wabo 105The Moon Dawg'sAngling
placeholder2392008Show 1001Ernie CosseWalk On By
placeholder2392009Show 1001Ernie CossePut Yourself In My Shoes
placeholder2052012Manhattan 804Danny OwensWhat Am I Living For
placeholder2052013Manhattan 804Danny OwensI Can't Be A Fool For You
placeholder2332016N.O.P.I. 805Naomi Gordon and The IvorytonesSince Jesus Came Into My Heart
placeholder2332017N.O.P.I. 805Naomi Gordon and The IvorytonesGood News
placeholder1652018Instant 32821/14/67 record worldAaron NevilleI've Done It Again
placeholder1652019Instant 3282Aaron NevilleFor Every Boy There's A Girl
placeholder2052020Deesu 307Maurice WilliamsOo Poo Pah Doo (Part 1)
placeholder2052021Deesu 307Maurice WilliamsOo Poo Pah Doo (Part 2)
placeholder2052024White Cliffs 251Glory RhodesOne Track Mind
placeholder2052025White Cliffs 251Glory RhodesRun For Your Life
placeholder1332028A-OK 101Ken Thomas and His New Orleans RamblersDaddy For A Day
placeholder1332029A-OK 101Ken Thomas and His New Orleans RamblersMay You Never Be Alone
placeholder2272030ABS 108Elliot SmallI'm A Devil
placeholder2272031ABS 108Elliot SmallHate To See You Go
placeholder1332032Magnolia 101The MonksI Remember When
placeholder1332033Magnolia 101The MonksLa-Do-Da-Da
placeholder2112038Ring 105Eddie PowersI Don't Know What I'll Do
placeholder2052039White Cliffs 252Ron PhillipsThat Man's Got No Luck
placeholder2052040White Cliffs 252Ron PhillipsNever Give Away Love
placeholder2222041Whit 729Bobby PowellI Care
placeholder2222042Whit 729Bobby PowellHave A Good Time
placeholder2362043Golden 103Alva StarrLight Of A 1000 Years
placeholder2362044Golden 103Alva StarrAnna
placeholder1742045Hot Line 910Willie TeeClose Your Eyes
placeholder1742046Hot Line 910Willie TeeI Heard Everything You Said
placeholder1742047NOLA 731Marie BoubarereI'm Going Home
placeholder1742048NOLA 731Marie BoubarereI Know
placeholder2402049Tune-Kel 602Hector & The EastmenWobblelou
placeholder2402050Tune-Kel 602Hector & The EastmenSwitch Me
placeholder2192051Seven B 7008Eddie BoJust Friends
placeholder2192052Seven B 7008Eddie BoFence Of Love
placeholder2052053Deesu 308Carlton Lee & The DelfonicsCome On Down
placeholder2052054Deesu 308Carlton Lee & The DelfonicsTime Heals All Pain
placeholder2212055Deesu 310The ZoofsGet To Know Yourself
placeholder2212056Deesu 310The ZoofsNot So Near
placeholder2212057Deesu 309The ZodiacsDon't Ever Leave Me
placeholder2212058Deesu 309The ZodiacsSurely
placeholder2052059Deesu 311Maurice WilliamsHow To Pick A Winner
placeholder2052060Deesu 3114/22/67
Maurice WilliamsDon't Be Half Safe
placeholder205L 2067Par Lo LP 1Aaron NevilleTell It Like It Is - side one
placeholder205L 2068Par Lo LP 1Aaron NevilleTell It Like It Is - side two
placeholder1332071Jora 1003The Seeds of ThymeTwelfth Night's Indication
placeholder1332072Jora 1003The Seeds of ThymeShadow In My Mind
placeholder2272073ABS 109Beverly BrownDon't Make Me Wait
placeholder2272074ABS 109Beverly BrownYou Got Me Helpless
placeholder1332075Trend 1005Carlies AllenTears Won't Bring Your Love Back
placeholder1332076Trend 1005Carlies AllenYou Better Know What You're Doing
placeholder1332077Trend 1004The GemsSecond Chance
placeholder1332078Trend 1004The GemsChaos
placeholder2192079Seven B 7009Pat BrownThe Good Got To Suffer For The Bad
placeholder2192080Seven B 7009Pat BrownHe's A Wonderful Guy
placeholder2322081Par Lo 102G. Davis & R. TylerHold On, Help Is On The Way
placeholder2322082Par Lo 102G. Davis & R. TylerBet You're Surprised
placeholder1332083Wajo 214Brother E.L. Prout & The Gospelettes of New OrleansHe's My Hope
placeholder1332084Wajo 214Brother E.L. Prout & The Gospelettes of New OrleansHe'll Fly Away
placeholder2282085Cross 1013L. RuffinIt's So Wonderful
placeholder2282086Cross 1013L. RuffinThis Stuff Just Kills Me
placeholder2282087Houma 1012L.J. ForetMadam Gypsy
placeholder2282088Houma 1012L.J. ForetAll The Pretty Waltzes
placeholder2282089Houma 1011Roy MontelYour Lover Walked In
placeholder2282090Houma 1011Roy MontelBright Light Leads To Darkness
placeholder2322091RAP 104The KicksLove Is A Necessary Evil
placeholder2322092RAP 104The KicksGo Away, Go Away
placeholder2322093Par Lo 1033/4/67
Aaron NevilleShe Took You For A Ride
placeholder2322094Par Lo 103Aaron NevilleSpace Man
placeholder1742095NOLA 732Smokey & MattDid You Hear What I Saw Part 1
placeholder1742096NOLA 732Smokey & MattDid You Hear What I Saw Part 2
placeholder2392097RAP 105Six Soul SurvivorsI Gotta Find A Way
placeholder2392098RAP 105Six Soul SurvivorsIt's Over My Head
placeholder22099Doubloon 01Frankie FordI Can't Face Tomorrow
placeholder22100Doubloon 01Frankie FordHalf A Crown
placeholder2312103Axe 103Al Reed99 44/100 Pure Love
placeholder2312104Axe 103Al ReedSorry About That
placeholder2292105Whurley Burley 101Senator JonesLet Yourself Go
placeholder2292106Whurley Burley 101Senator JonesCall The Sheriff
placeholder2052109White Cliffs 253Bourbon Street Cabaret Band & Stripping Soc., Inc.Linda Baby Pt.1
placeholder2052110White Cliffs 253Bourbon Street Cabaret Band & Stripping Soc., Inc.Linda Baby Pt.2
placeholder2432111Big Deal 134Oliver JoyDon't Let Nobody Tell You (I Don't Love You)
placeholder2432112Big Deal 134Oliver JoyYou Know That I Love You
placeholder2422113Soul Sound 1455/13/67
Tony OwensI Got Soul
placeholder2422114Soul Sound 145Tony OwensThis Heart Can't Take No More
placeholder2232119Nettie 101Threshold Of SoundNobody But Us
placeholder2232120Nettie 101Threshold Of SoundShe's Mine
placeholder112121Instant 3284The Pitter PatsBaby, You Hurt Me
placeholder112122Instant 3284The Pitter PatsWhatcha'Bet
placeholder112123Instant 3283Chris KennerShoo Rah
placeholder112124Instant 3283Chris KennerStretch My Hand To You
placeholder1742125NOLA 7334/29/67
Robert ParkerYak Yak Yak
placeholder1742126NOLA 733Robert ParkerSecret Service (Makes Me Nervous)
placeholder2212127Deesu 312Cleto & The ChaparralsCampy Stuff
placeholder2212128Deesu 312Cleto & The ChaparralsMiner Joe
placeholder2052129White Cliffs 255Reggie HallShoo Fly
placeholder2052130White Cliffs 255Reggie HallPlease, Please Phone
placeholder1332131Mona 101Mike MonicaNo Where To Go
placeholder1332132Mona 101Mike MonicaMiko
placeholder2392135RAP 106Ted BlakeAlabama Stompin' Ground
placeholder2392136RAP 106Ted BlakeOh! Darling I Miss You
placeholder2052137White Cliffs 257Johnny Minit & The Hands Of TimeJust Someone
placeholder2052138White Cliffs 257Johnny Minit & The Hands Of Time(Turn Around) I Belong To You
placeholder2172139Apollo 100The One Way StreetGirls, Girls
placeholder2172140Apollo 100The One Way StreetYard Dog
placeholder1332141Trend 1006James WinfieldI'm a Man In Love
placeholder1332142Trend 1006James WinfieldWhat More Can I Do
placeholder1742143Whurley Burley 201Curtis JohnsonIf You Need Love
placeholder1742144Whurley Burley 201Curtis JohnsonI've Got To Get Away From You
placeholder2052145White Cliffs 258Chuck CornishA Tribute to Mohammed Ali
placeholder2052146White Cliffs 258Chuck CornishLet's Go Steady
placeholder2052147White Cliffs 259Canadian LegendsI'm A Believer
placeholder2052148White Cliffs 259Canadian LegendsJust One Girl
placeholder1332149Lamar 101Charles AmarI'm Gonna Get You Yet
placeholder1332150Lamar 101Charles AmarA Tender Kiss In The Dark
placeholder1332151Huddle 501The QuarterbacksThe Saints
placeholder1332152Huddle 501The QuarterbacksWay Down Yonder In New Orleans
placeholder2052153White Cliffs 260Tommy RidgleyDid You Tell Him
placeholder2052154White Cliffs 260Tommy RidgleyHey Little Chick
placeholder2192155Seven B 7012Oliver MorganWhat's Good To You Pt 1
placeholder2192156Seven B 7012Oliver MorganWhat's Good To You Pt 2
placeholder2192157Alon 9035David ReynoldsCry, Cry, Cry
placeholder2192158Alon 9035David ReynoldsTears In My Eyes
placeholder2192159Seven B 7013The CrescentsI'll Make A Vow
placeholder2192160Seven B 7013The CrescentsCome Back Baby
placeholder1332161Eight-Ball 1562James RiversBad Bad Whisky Part 1
placeholder1332162Eight-Ball 1562James RiversBad Bad Whisky Part 2
placeholder1332163Eight-Ball 1563Clemon SmithAll Alone
placeholder1332164Eight-Ball 1563Clemon SmithLand Of Love
placeholder2472165Emerald 2001Johnny Green & The Green MenSomething You Got
placeholder2472166Emerald 2001Johnny Green & The Green MenGreen Thumb
placeholder2392167Mo-Bala 3003Joe ReedLonely Baby
placeholder2392168Mo-Bala 3003Joe ReedI Believe
placeholder1332169Marca 13The Apostles of LoveHarry's Place
placeholder1332170Marca 13The Apostles of LoveSaints Theme
placeholder1332171Etah 100Mike WatsonI Dig Your Kind
placeholder1332172Etah 100Mike WatsonLove Is A Losing Game
placeholder1332173Trend 1007Earl DanielsYou'll Never Change
placeholder1332174Trend 1007Earl DanielsLove Is So Beautiful
placeholder2192175Alon 9034Skip EasterlingJust One More Time
placeholder2192176Alon 9034Skip EasterlingHe's Got The Whole World In His Hands
placeholder2192181Seven B 70115/6/67
Eddie BoAll I Ask Of You
placeholder2192182Seven B 7011Eddie BoSkate It Out
placeholder1332183Mar-A-Thon 103Arthur JohnsonTootie Pie
placeholder1332184Mar-A-Thon 103Arthur JohnsonWhat Now
placeholder2442187Lodestone 1849Hilton & The BellhopsI'm Telling It True
placeholder2442188Lodestone 1849Hilton & The BellhopsHortense
placeholder2052189Manhattan 805Lydia MarcelleThe Girl He Needs
placeholder2052190Manhattan 805Lydia MarcelleCome On And Get It
placeholder2052191White Cliffs 261Stark WhitemanWe Will All Remember (Graduation Day)
placeholder2052192White Cliffs 261Stark WhitemanNoise
placeholder1652194Tune-Kel 604Al White & The Hi-LitersNoise With The Boys
placeholder1652195Tune-Kel 6036/1/67
Tammy McKnightDon't Rub It In
placeholder1652196Tune-Kel 603Tammy McKnightStop These Teardrops
placeholder1652197Tune-Kel 604Al White & The Hi-LitersThread The Needle
placeholder2222200Whit 7306/3/67
Bobby PowellWhy Am I Treated So Bad
placeholder2222201Whit 730Bobby PowellThank You
placeholder2412202Excalibur 101The BlueprintsI Want Something When I Need Money
placeholder2412203Excalibur 1017/6/67
on label
The BlueprintsI've Been Duped
placeholder2452204Lodestone 1850Tee C. BeeBy The River-pt I
placeholder2452205Lodestone 1850Tee C. BeeBy The River-pt II
placeholder1982206Broadmoor 1027/8/67
Leonard LeeI'm A Poor Boy (With Millions)
placeholder1982207Broadmoor 102Leonard LeeSince You've Been Gone
placeholder2052214Manhattan 806Harley and The Night RidersThe Wild Angels Ride Tonight
placeholder2052215Manhattan 806Harley and The Night RidersWon't You Help Me
placeholder2052216Deesu 313Joe HaywoodSay You Will
placeholder2052217Deesu 313Joe HaywoodSadie Mae
placeholder1332220Vic-Des 1000Walter WashingtonMickey Mouse Boarding House
placeholder2052223ABS 110Charles BrimmerThe Glide
placeholder2052224ABS 110Charles BrimmerI Need You I Do
placeholder1742225NOLA 736The Bates SistersSymphony For The Broken Hearted
placeholder1742226NOLA 736The Bates SistersSo Broken Hearted
placeholder1742227Hot Line 912Guitar RayNew True Love
placeholder1742228Hot Line 912Guitar RayPatty Cake Shake
placeholder2322229Par Lo 104Aaron NevilleYou Think You're So Smart
placeholder2322230Par Lo 1057/22/67
Aaron NevilleA Hard Nut To Crack
placeholder1332231Sumit 3401The LaymenSometimes I Think About
placeholder1332232Sumit 3401The LaymenSometimes I Think About - Inst.
placeholder112233Busy-B 2The Gaunga DynsRebecca Rodifer
placeholder112234Busy-B 2The Gaunga DynsStick With Her
placeholder2442243Lodestone 1851Lee Tyler & The JadesSummer's Comin'
placeholder2442244Lodestone 1851Lee Tyler & The JadesTwo In One
placeholder1962244Watch 1906Johnny AdamsYou Make A New Man Out Of Me
placeholder1962245Watch 1906Johnny AdamsRelease Me
placeholder2052247Manhattan 807Pewter PalsChildhood
placeholder2052248Manhattan 807Pewter PalsShame, Shame On Jane
placeholder1742250Hot Line 913Jerry FouchaI Believe In Miracles
placeholder1332251Red Ball 101Trumpaiyes of Mobile Ala.Lord Tell Me
placeholder1332252Red Ball 101Trumpaiyes of Mobile Ala.Some People Believe In Voodoo
placeholder2052253White Cliffs 264Larry BrassoYou're At It Again
placeholder2052254White Cliffs 264Larry BrassoTake Part Of Me
placeholder1332255RAP 109Jody LeavinsAlligator Man
placeholder1332256RAP 109Jody LeavinsWhy I Have No Daddy
placeholder2052257White Cliffs 263Flip BlackSeven Sundays
placeholder2052258White Cliffs 263Flip BlackWe Got Love
placeholder1742259NOLA 7357/15/67
Robert ParkerEverybody's Hip Huggin'
placeholder1742260NOLA 735Robert ParkerFoxy Mama
placeholder2212261Deesu 315Warren LeeClimb The Ladder
placeholder2212262Deesu 315Warren LeeEver Since I've Been Loving You
placeholder2212263Deesu 314Willie WestDid You Have Fun
placeholder2212264Deesu 314Willie WestKeep You Mine
placeholder2512265Manhattan 808Painted FacesAnxious Color
placeholder2512266Manhattan 808Painted FacesThings We See
placeholder1332267Casino 5017/22/67
The DistortionsI Found A Girl
placeholder1332268Casino 501The DistortionsI Don't Really Like You
placeholder1332269Casino 500Brenda DuffMy Sweet One
placeholder1332270Casino 5007/22/67
Brenda DuffGot To Get To Know You
placeholder1332271Crown Point Full Gospel Church 100Leona BilliotWhen God Comes And Gathers His Jewels
placeholder1332272Crown Point Full Gospel Church 100Leona BilliotThe Great Judgement Morning
placeholder2322273Par Lo 105Aaron NevilleThose Three Words
placeholder112274Instant 3285The Pitter PatsNaturally
placeholder112275Instant 3285The Pitter PatsI've Got Everything
placeholder133L 2276Rosemont LP 1001Pilgrim's Rest Baptist Church ChoirRecorded Live - side one
placeholder133L 2277Rosemont LP 1001Pilgrim's Rest Baptist Church ChoirRecorded Live - side two
placeholder2492278Etah 101Chuck CarboLonely Serenade
placeholder2492279Etah 101Chuck CarboGoing Back Home
placeholder2492280Etah 102The BaronsClap Your Little Hands
placeholder2492281Etah 102The BaronsI've Got A Feeling
placeholder2492282Etah 103Little Tony & The HawksGive Me Your Sweet Love
placeholder2492283Etah 103Little Tony & The Hawks
placeholder1332284Qualicon 5003The JestersUnchain My Heart
placeholder1332285Qualicon 5003The JestersBlue Feeling
placeholder2322286Par Lo 106Paul AlexanderTalk Is So Cheap
placeholder2322287Par Lo 106Paul AlexanderGirls, Girls, Girls
placeholder2332287N.O.P.I. 807Harold Lewis & Edwin HoganLook Up And Live
placeholder2332288N.O.P.I. 807Harold Lewis & Edwin HoganI Shall Be Ready
placeholder2332289Emanon 101Hal LewisGeorgia Rose
placeholder2332290Emanon 101Hal LewisLet There Be Peace
placeholder2192291Busy-B 3Inell YoungHis Love For Me
placeholder2192292Busy-B 3Inell YoungI've Never Considered
placeholder2052293Manhattan 809Lydia MarcelleIt's Not Like You
placeholder2052294Manhattan 809Lydia MarcelleImitation Love
placeholder1332298Wajo 215Sis. Doris Watson and The Metropolitan SingersNobody But You Lord
placeholder1332299Wajo 215Rev. Robert C. Ward Sr. and The Metropolitan SingersYou've Been Good To Me
placeholder2042300Track 204Tommy BernerA Song For My Love
placeholder2042301Track 204Tommy BernerWork Out
placeholder2382303Arbet 1017Shadden And The King LearsBaby It's Too Late
placeholder2512303Soulin' 146Tony OwensI'll Be There
placeholder2512304Soulin' 146Tony OwensWishing, Waiting, Hoping
placeholder2382304Arbet 1017Shadden And The King LearsKnock On Wood
placeholder11L 2305Instant LP 71000Various ArtistsAll These Things - side one
placeholder11L 2306Instant LP 71000Various ArtistsAll These Things - side two
placeholder1332309Flambeau 103Dr. Spec's Optical IllusionTryin' To Mess With My Mind
placeholder1332310Flambeau 103Dr. Spec's Optical IllusionShe's The One
placeholder672311Hammond 4414Johnny and The TagalongsWhen The Men Are Gone
placeholder672312Hammond 4414Johnny and The TagalongsGood Bye Johnny
placeholder1332313CY 005The Dalton BoysSomething You Got
placeholder1332314CY 005The Dalton BoysLover Please
placeholder2272317ABS 100Tommy ValSummer Is Over
placeholder2402318Tune-Kel 605Bobby CamelTitle Love Song
placeholder2402319Tune-Kel 605Bobby CamelYou Ask Me
placeholder1652320Seven B 7014Eddie LangThe Sad One
placeholder1652321Seven B 7014Eddie LangSouling
placeholder2402322Alon 9036The Lee CircleOther Delights
placeholder2402323Alon 9036The Lee CircleSummer Wear
placeholder2052324White Cliffs 265The One Eyed JacksSun So High
placeholder2052325White Cliffs 265The One Eyed JacksLove
placeholder112328Instant 32869/14/67
Chris KennerFumigate Funky Broadway
placeholder112329Instant 3286Chris KennerWind The Clock
placeholder2312330Axe 104Al ReedShake 'Em Up
placeholder2312331Axe 104Al Reed6:04
placeholder1742332NOLA 737Willie TeePlease Don't Go
placeholder1742333NOLA 737Willie TeeMy Heart Remembers
placeholder1332334Tasco 101Otis ScottGroovin' Soul
placeholder1332335Tasco 101Otis ScottChild, I Love You So
placeholder2052338Manhattan 810The Thirteenth CommitteeYou Really Got A Hold On Me
placeholder2052339Manhattan 810The Thirteenth CommitteeSha La La
placeholder2382342Arbet 1018Ned TurnerDidn't I Mean Anything To You
placeholder2382343Arbet 1018Ned TurnerSomewhere With Me Sometime
placeholder2052344White Cliffs 266Huey (Piano) Smith And The ClownsBlues 67 Pt1
placeholder2052345White Cliffs 266Huey (Piano) Smith And The ClownsBlues 67 Pt2
placeholder1742348NOLA 738Robert ParkerHoldin' Out
placeholder1742349NOLA 73810/14/67
Robert ParkerI Caught You In A Lie
placeholder1332352Circle G 102Curley WilliamsMove In A Little Closer
placeholder1332353Circle G 102Curley WilliamsI Wonder Why I Love You
placeholder2052354White Cliffs 268Young JesseFunky Funky Football Pt.1
placeholder2052355White Cliffs 268Young JesseFunky Funky Football Pt.2
placeholder1332356Mar-A-Thon 104Sammy KingAin't That Satisfaction
placeholder1332357Mar-A-Thon 104Sammy KingBe A Friend Of Mine
placeholder1332358Trend 1010Richard WattsYou Need Education
placeholder1332359Trend 1010Richard WattsWhy, Baby, Why
placeholder2552360White Cliffs 269The Palace GuardsBarbara
placeholder2552361White Cliffs 269The Palace GuardsNo Comin' Back
placeholder2122362Scram 106Richie MattaAlone Am I
placeholder2122363Scram 106Richie MattaI Know You'd Be True
placeholder2052364White Cliffs 270Leroy BatesI'm Forever Crying
placeholder2052365White Cliffs 270Leroy BatesBad Bad Understanding
placeholder2432366Big Deal 135Marty LewisI Can't Do Without You
placeholder2432367Big Deal 135Marty LewisDon't Leave Me Baby
placeholder1332372Red Ball 102Columbus Rice with Rev. E.D. Johnson SingersI'll Make It Up With The Lord
placeholder2342372Dynamic 105Booney TaylorI'm Lucky
placeholder2342373Dynamic 105Booney TaylorIf You're Gonna Love Me
placeholder1332373Red Ball 102Leonard Writens, Vocal with Rev. E.D. Johnson SingersServing The Lord Is A Full Time Job
placeholder1332374Acquarian 5487The Soul WondersOh What A Time
placeholder1332375Acquarian 5487The Soul WondersOld Time Religion
>placeholder2582380Manhattan 811Painted FacesI Lost You In My Mind
>placeholder2582381Manhattan 811Painted FacesI Think I'm Going Mad
placeholder2312382Axe 105Yvonne WiseDing, Dong, Daddy
placeholder2312383Axe 105Yvonne WiseI Need A Shoulder To Cry On
placeholder1332384Safari 201Aaron NevilleForever More
placeholder1332385Safari 201Aaron NevilleApe Man
placeholder2582386Manhattan 812The BelieversA Hurt In My Heart
placeholder2582387Manhattan 812The BelieversTrue Love Is Rare
placeholder2192393Seven B 7015Eddie BoS.G.B.
placeholder2192394Seven B 7015Eddie BoSolid Foundation
placeholder1332399Trend 1009The Rusty GaytzDay Of Indecision
placeholder1332400Trend 1009The Rusty GaytzYoung Girl
placeholder2052401White Cliffs 273Garland HiltonReturn Of Billie Joe
placeholder2052402White Cliffs 273Garland HiltonThe Loneliest Man In The World
placeholder2052403White Cliffs 274Larry BrassoA Thing Called Sadness
placeholder2052404White Cliffs 274Larry BrassoPlease Not In Front Of The Children
placeholder133L 2407Cosimo's Studio LP (?)El Formidable CiroAt Chateau Flamenco
placeholder133L 2408Cosimo's Studio LP (?)El Formidable CiroAt Chateau Flamenco
placeholder1332411New Orleans Originals (no#)Vic TookerFloatin' Down The River - side two
placeholder1332412New Orleans Originals (no#)Vic TookerFloatin' Down The River - side one
placeholder255L 2413Dulai LP 800Waldron 'Frog' JosephOld New Orleans Dixieland - side one
placeholder255L 2414Dulai LP 800Waldron 'Frog' JosephOld New Orleans Dixieland - side two
placeholder1332419Lynn's 712The BaronsCall On Me
placeholder1332420Lynn's 712The BaronsUntil The End
placeholder2192421Busy-B 4The Gaunga DynsNo One Cares
placeholder2192422Busy-B 4The Gaunga DynsClouds Don't Shine
placeholder1332429Ebb-Tide (no#)The Carr BrothersRun (For Your Life)
placeholder1332430Ebb-Tide (no#)The Carr BrothersTo Old To Cry
placeholder1332431Vic-Des 1000Walter WashingtonLovely Day
placeholder2542432Busy-B 5The New BreedOut Of Reach
placeholder2542433Busy-B 5The New BreedPaint My Windows Gray
placeholder2192434Seven B 7016Lenny McDaniel & The New EraI Keep Telling Myself
placeholder2192435Seven B 7016Lenny McDaniel & The New EraSomething Out Of Nothing
placeholder2582436Manhattan 813Jimmy DanteLeave Him And Come To My Arms
placeholder2582437Manhattan 813Jimmy DanteBaby How I Fell For You
placeholder2052440White Cliffs 276Canadian LegendsHappy
placeholder2052441White Cliffs 276Canadian LegendsOne And Only
placeholder1962442Watch 1903Johnny AdamsGot To Get Back To You
placeholder1962443Watch 1903Johnny AdamsTime And Time Again
placeholder1982445Broadmoor 105Fats DominoBig Mouth
placeholder2582448Manhattan 814Painted FacesDon't Say She's Gone
placeholder2582449Manhattan 814Painted FacesIn The Heat Of The Night
placeholder2222450Whit 731Bobby PowellQuestion
placeholder2222451Whit 7311/6/68
Bobby PowellJust A Matter Of Time
placeholder1982452Broadmoor 10412/23/67
Fats DominoWork My Way Up Steady
placeholder1982453Broadmoor 104Fats DominoThe Lady In Black
placeholder112460Lanor 535Charles MannI'm Too Far Gone
placeholder112461Lanor 535Charles MannMisery
placeholder1742462Hot Line 914Guitar RayFunky Pete Part 1
placeholder1742463Hot Line 914Guitar RayFunky Pete Part 2
placeholder2052464White Cliffs 278The Palace GuardsNever Be Lonely
placeholder2052465White Cliffs 278The Palace GuardsChristmas Would Be Nothing
placeholder1332468Warm 1968Patricia ArnellIt Can't Be Wrong
placeholder1332469Warm 1968Patricia ArnellLost
placeholder2212470Deesu 316Joe HaywoodPlay A Cornbread Song For Me And My Baby
placeholder2212471Deesu 316Joe HaywoodI Wanna Love You
placeholder2582472Manhattan 815The MysteriesPlease Agree
placeholder2582473Manhattan 815The MysteriesI Find It's True Love
placeholder112478Instant 3288The TunicsMoonlight Lover
placeholder 112479Instant 3288The TunicsSandman
placeholder112480Instant 3287Huey Smith & The Pitter PatsBury Me Dead
placeholder112481Instant 3287Huey Smith & The Pitter PatsI'll Never Forget
placeholder1332484Compliments of...TrosclairIt Don't But One Night Before Christmas
placeholder1332485Compliments of...TrosclairSelected Radio Commercials
placeholder1332486Sko-Field 23-1Floyd Rose and The BudsOh Little Star / God's World
placeholder1332487Sko-Field 23-1Floyd Rose and The BudsKey To Heaven / To The Cross I Came
placeholder133L 2488White Cliffs LP 1003Nickie's Jass BandNickie's Jass Band - side one
placeholder133L 2489White Cliffs LP 1003Nickie's Jass BandNickie's Jass Band - side two
placeholder255L 2490SWhite Cliffs LP 1002Trombones BeaucoupSwing Low - side one
placeholder255L 2491SWhite Cliffs LP 1002Trombones BeaucoupSwing Low - side two
placeholder1332492Rickshaw 101Souls Of The SlainCan't Go On
placeholder1332493Rickshaw 101Souls Of The Slain7 And 7 Is
placeholder1332494Sko-Field 23-2-AThe JokersSoul Sound
placeholder1332495Sko-Field 23-2-BThe JokersDon't Break Your Promise
placeholder1332496Shelley (no #)Shelley's Theme
placeholder1332499Deep Delta 6Stoney Carlisle & The Plaquemine PlayboysThe Father of Plaquemine Parish
placeholder1332500Deep Delta 6Stoney Carlisle & The Plaquemine PlayboysTell Me Baby
placeholder1332501Yanden 3494Len BarrowHades Highway
placeholder1332502Yanden 3494Len BarrowFuture Of A Fool
placeholder1332503Quinvy 8002Don VarnerMojo Mama
placeholder1332504Quinvy 8002Don VarnerTear Stained Face


doverAfter Cosimo makes the move from his hallowed Governor Nicholls Street location to 748 Camp, Dover has an even bigger hit with Aaron Neville's Tell It Like It Is (Par Lo, owned by musicians George Davis and Red Tyler with teacher Warren Parker) at No. 2 pop at the start of 1967. The problems in handling this huge record, caused mainly by distributor non-payments, start to unravel the Dover group.
Lee Dorsey
There is much recording activity at the Cosimo studios in the wake of the Aaron Neville hit, but little chart action apart from minor records by Lee Dorsey (Amy), Betty Harris (Sansu) and Robert Parker (Nola).

Young producer Isaac Bolden has local hit with Tony Owens (Soul Sound).
- John Broven