cosimo code
placeholder2402505Tune-Kel 606The Hollywood JillsA Good Thing Baby
placeholder2402506Tune-Kel 606The Hollywood JillsHe Makes Me So Mad
placeholder2512507Soulin' 147Tony OwensI Need, I Need Your Love
placeholder2512508Soulin' 147Tony OwensA Fool For Lovin' You
placeholder1982509Broadmoor 105Fats DominoWait 'Til It Happens To You
placeholder1742510NOLA 739Robert ParkerSoul Sister
placeholder1742511NOLA 739Robert ParkerBarefootin' Boogaloo
placeholder2052512White Cliffs 287Fred ArmandI'm A Roughneck Now
placeholder2052513White Cliffs 287Fred ArmandSay Goodbye
placeholder2052514White Cliffs 288Fay DarlingAll The Loneliness
placeholder2052515White Cliffs 288Fay DarlingLove & Hate
placeholder2052516White Cliffs 281Joe WilsonNow You Want To Do Right
placeholder2052517White Cliffs 281Joe WilsonSam, Sam The Money Man
placeholder2052518White Cliffs 282Terri SharpOne Foot Holding Me Down
placeholder2052519White Cliffs 282Terri SharpDon't Turn Me Around
placeholder2192520Seven B 7017Eddie Bo & Inez CheathamLover & A Friend
placeholder2192521Seven B 7017Eddie BoIf I Had To Do It Over
placeholder2212522Deesu 317Willie WestBaby, Baby I Love You
placeholder2212523Deesu 317Willie WestFace The Music
placeholder1332524Gatur 701Willie TeeI Peeped Your Hole Card
placeholder1332525Gatur 701Willie TeeShe Really Did Surprise Me
placeholder2192526Seven B 7018Bobby Williams GroupBoogaloo Mardi Gras Part 1
placeholder2192527Seven B 7018Bobby Williams GroupBoogaloo Mardi Gras Part 2
placeholder2192528Tune-Kel 607Sonny JonesSuffering
placeholder2192529Tune-Kel 607Sonny JonesYou Got The Power
placeholder2052530White Cliffs 285The MontaltosLife Goes On
placeholder2052531White Cliffs 285The MontaltosOur World
placeholder2222532Whit 732Bobby PowellStay In The Bed
placeholder2222533Whit 732Bobby PowellI've Been Waiting
placeholder852534Instant 3289The HueysYou Ain't No Hippie
placeholder852535Instant 3289The HueysCoo-Coo Over You
placeholder2582538Manhattan 816Bille And BlueFour Walls
placeholder2582539Manhattan 816Bille And BlueI Walk The Line
placeholder2582540Manhattan 817The MysteriesI Can't Wait For Love
placeholder2582541Manhattan 817The MysteriesSatisfaction Guaranteed
placeholder1332542Skofield 23-3Johnny SchofieldFoolish Man
placeholder1332543Skofield 23-3Johnny Schofield(I Don't Know Why) But I Do
placeholder2192544Busy-B 6The Leather PagesAccept Me For What I Am
placeholder2192545Busy-B 6The Leather PagesThe News Is Out
placeholder1332546Jim Gem
No #
Charley WynnAction Time
placeholder1332547Jim Gem
No #
Charley WynnIt's You I Love
placeholder1332550Mode 501Ronnie TapletSomebody Out There (Love Me)
placeholder1332551Mode 501Ronnie TapletI Can't Stand To See You Go
placeholder1332554T and G 100AHerman GrimesBetter Than Crying
placeholder1332555T and G 101BHerman GrimesI'll Never Be The Same
placeholder2122559Scram 112Assumarks DerflaDo The Crawfish
placeholder2122560Scram 112The Soul PowersSoul Power
placeholder205L 2560White Cliffs LP 1005Armand HugPlays Jazz At The Royal New Orleans - side one
placeholder205L 2561White Cliffs LP 1005Armand HugPlays Jazz At The Royal New Orleans - side two
placeholder2192561Busy-B 8The Plastic Blues BandCountry Food
placeholder2192562Busy-B 8The Plastic Blues BandGone
placeholder2192562Instant 32904/20/68
Chris KennerMemories Of A King (Let Freedom Ring) Pt 1
placeholder2192563Instant 3290Chris KennerMemories Of A King (Let Freedom Ring) Pt 2
placeholder2192563Busy-B 7PeabodyDays Of Rest
placeholder2192564Busy-B 7PeabodyForever Eyes
placeholder1742565NOLA 741Marlyn BarbarinOne Little Word
placeholder1742566NOLA 741Marlyn BarbarinJust A Teenager
placeholder2192566Seven B 7019Barbara GeorgeSomething You Got
placeholder2192567Seven B 70196/1/68
Barbara GeorgeSatisfied With Your Love
placeholder1332567Midnite 101Charlotte KilpatrickYou'll Never Be Mine Again
placeholder1332568Kite 108MusiquesTiptoe
placeholder1332568Midnite 101Charlotte KilpatrickI Can't Forget
placeholder112569Instant 32929/7/68
The HueysFeelin' Kinda Coo-Coo Too
placeholder1332569Kite 1085/29/68 on labelMusiquesPrayer of The Weary Soldier
placeholder112570Instant 3292The HueysSmile For Me
placeholder1332570Skofield 23-4Valerie Hebert and The Extra KicksOur First Date
placeholder1332571Skofield 23-4Valerie Hebert and The Extra KicksDancing In The Streets
placeholder1332571Shagg 711The BaronsKid Stuff
placeholder1332572Shagg 711The BaronsAs Sure As You're Born
placeholder1332573TRW 101The Mighty Kings of HarmonyDon't Worry About Me
placeholder1332574TRW 101The Mighty Kings of HarmonyLord Hold My Hand
placeholder2432575Big Deal 136Marty LewisAin't Nobody's Business
placeholder2052576White Cliffs 286The Palace GuardsLooking Everywhere
placeholder2052577White Cliffs 286The Palace GuardsGas Station Boogaloo Downtown
placeholder2512578Soulin' 148Tony OwensI Know You Don't Love Me No More
placeholder2192579Seven B 702010/05/68
Roy WardHorse With A Freeze Part 1
placeholder2192580Seven B 7020Roy WardHorse With A Freeze Part 2
placeholder1332580Solid Gold (no#)The MoonspinnersMoonlight Love
placeholder1332581Solid Gold (no#)The MoonspinnersTimes Of Crying
placeholder112581Instant 3293Chris KennerSad Mistake
placeholder112582Instant 3293Chris KennerMini-Skirts And Soul
placeholder112583Instant 3294Sam AlcornBump Bump
placeholder1742583NOLA 740Robert ParkerBoss Lovin'
placeholder1742584NOLA 740Robert ParkerBow Legs
placeholder112584Instant 3294Sam AlcornThe Fat Cat
placeholder2192585Seven B 7021Garland HiltonInstead Of Just A Friend
placeholder112585Instant 32913/27/68 record worldThe RainbowsGood Thing Goin'
placeholder112586Instant 3291The RainbowsKey To My Heart
placeholder2192586Seven B 7021Garland HiltonA Bit Of Woe
placeholder1332589Groovy Grape 101Substantial EvidencePlease Walk On By
placeholder1332589Anco 130Harry N. SelmaDream No More
placeholder1332590Anco 130Harry N. SelmaSidewalk Waltz
placeholder1332590Groovy Grape 101Substantial EvidenceDeath Angel
placeholder2192591Tune-Kel 608The Flower PowerYou Make Me Fly
placeholder2192592Tune-Kel 608The Flower PowerSunshine Day
placeholder2402592Seven B (no number)Bobby Williams GroupThe Dance of the Sophisticated Sissy
placeholder1742593Hot Line (no number)Guitar RayAin't That Soul
placeholder1742594Hot Line (no number)Guitar RayTrue Love Of A Man
placeholder1332595Fleur De Lis 101The Goal Line StandsWhen The Saints Go Marching In (Vocal)
placeholder1332596Fleur De Lis 101The Goal Line StandsWhen The Saints Go Marching In (Instrumental)
placeholder1332597FBP 937Take FiveSuch Is Life
placeholder1332598FBP 937Take FiveSwinging Pair
placeholder1742599NOLA 742Robert ParkerFunky Soul Train
placeholder1742600NOLA 742Robert ParkerRobert & W.Q.'s Train
placeholder1962601Watch 190612/7/68
Johnny AdamsRelease Me
placeholder1962602Watch 1906Johnny AdamsYou Made A New Man Out Of Me
placeholder112603Lanor 540Charles MannI've Got Dreams To Remember
placeholder112604Lanor 540Charles MannMy Life Is A Lonely One
placeholder1332605The Roaring Tigers 20Armand & Bill StegerNoo Noo & Telesphore Talk L.S.&U. Football
placeholder1332606The Roaring Tigers 20The Purple & The GoldSaint Augustine High School Band
placeholder2402607Tune-Kel 609The Prince RoyalsCircle Of Life
placeholder2402608Tune-Kel 609The Prince RoyalsLike I Like It
placeholder852609Alon 9037Clemon SmithThe Thrill Is Gone
placeholder852610Alon 9037Clemon SmithThe Sweetest I Knew
placeholder112611Tune-Kel 610Tommy AlfordEasy Opener
placeholder112612Tune-Kel 610Tommy AlfordJambalaya
placeholder1332613Anco 131Dud BernardJust Because
placeholder1332614Anco 131Dud BernardNo Letter Today
placeholder1332615Anco 132Diane CollinsNo One Will Ever Know
placeholder1332616Anco 132Diane CollinsEach Day Is An Eternity
placeholder1332617Mode 504The FabulettsCan't Stay Away
placeholder1332618Mode 504The FabulettsYou're Using Me
placeholder2621Dulai LP 803The Last StrawsWhen The Saints Go Marching In - side one
placeholder2622Dulai LP 803The Last StrawsWhen The Saints Go Marching In - side two
placeholder2192625Seven B 7024Gerald TaylorLonely Man
placeholder112627Instant 3296Larry DarnellSon Of A Son Of A Slave
placeholder112628Instant 3296Larry DarnellStomp Down Soul
placeholder1652630Seven B - no#Bobby Williams GroupDeatsie
placeholder1332631Mode 503The JadesLucky Fellow
placeholder1332632Mode 503The JadesAnd Now
placeholder1332633PJ 107Charley Simmons & The Royal ImperialsDo The Sissy
placeholder1332634PJ 107Charley Simmons & The Royal ImperialsWhy Should They Pay
placeholder112635Instant 3295Curley MooreSophisticated Sissy (Pt. 1)
placeholder112636Instant 3295Curley MooreSophisticated Sissy (Pt. 2)
placeholder112639Seven B 7024Gerald TaylorI'm Coming Home
placeholder1332646Warren 102Marie PotterLove For My Man
placeholder1332647Warren 102Marie PotterWhere Are You
placeholder2052648Shagg 712Vickie LabatGot To Keep Hanging On
placeholder2052649Shagg 712Vickie LabatWhen You're In Love
placeholder2052652Shagg 713Senator JonesDo You Love Me
placeholder2052653Shagg 713Senator JonesWho's Loving Her Now
placeholder2402654Tune-Kel 6111/18/69
The Flower PowerBye Bye Baby
placeholder2402655Tune-Kel 611The Flower PowerMississippi Delta
placeholder2402656Tune-Kel 612The Flower PowerTrivialities
placeholder2402657Tune-Kel 612The Flower PowerMt. Olympus
placeholder112658Seven B 1225Isaac ClarkSanta Claus Is Coming To Town (Pt. 1)
placeholder112659Seven B 1225Isaac ClarkSanta Claus Is Coming To Town (Pt. 2)


doverDover Records arranges new distribution deal with London Records, but the writing is on the wall. Faced with massive bad debts, the whole Dover edifice comes crumbling down, taking with it Cosimo Recording Studios and the many small labels distributed by Dover, notably Nola. The New Orleans recording scene comes to a grinding halt.1967

Only Joe Banashak's Instant group, which has its own distribution network, and the Allen Toussaint-Marshall Sehorn partnership manage to escape the chaos.

Huey Smith joins Eddie Bo and Sax Kari as a producer for Instant. New Orleans' low ebb is illustrated by venerable Fats Domino's return to the charts for Reprise at No. 100 - with a Lennon-McCartney song, Lady Madonna!

- John Broven