cosimo code
placeholderAce 5801/18/60756Frankie FordTime After Time
placeholderImperial 56452/1/602510Fats DominoCountry Boy
placeholderImperial 56452/15/60981Fats DominoIf You Need Me
placeholderImperial 56604/25/60517Fats DominoTell Me That You Love Me
placeholderMinit 6075/2/6032816Jessie HillOoh Poo Pah Doo - Part 2
placeholderImperial 56605/9/60842Fats DominoBefore I Grow Too Old
placeholderImperial 56756/20/602614Fats DominoWalking To New Orleans
placeholderImperial 56756/27/60282111Fats DominoDon't Come Knockin'
placeholderMinit 6117/25/60911Jessie HillWhip It On Me
placeholderMinit 6128/15/60211112Aaron NevilleOver You
placeholderImperial 56879/5/6081511Fats DominoThree Nights A Week
placeholderImperial 56879/5/60586Fats DominoPut Your Arms Around Me Honey
placeholderRoulette 43049/19/609313Joe JonesYou Talk Too Much
placeholderImperial 56869/26/60874Frankie FordYou Talk Too Much
placeholderImperial 570410/24/6071512Fats DominoMy Girl Josephine
placeholderImperial 570410/31/6028389Fats DominoNatural Born Lover
placeholderPeacock 169711/7/6034311James BookerGonzo
placeholderAce 57712/31/60973Joe & AnnGee Baby
placeholderImperial 57231/23/617229Fats DominoWhat A Price
placeholderImperial 57231/23/6119338Fats DominoAin't That Just Like A Woman
placeholderArgo 53782/20/619416Clarence HenryBut I Do
placeholderImperial 57343/20/61327Fats DominoShu Rah
placeholderImperial 57343/20/61326Fats DominoFell In Love On Monday
placeholderImperial 57353/20/61725Frankie FordSeventeen
placeholderMinit 6233/27/611116Ernie K-DoeMother-In-Law
placeholderSmash 17024/24/61152412Joe BarryI'm A Fool To Care
placeholderImperial 57535/15/61182311Fats DominoIt Keeps Rainin'
placeholderArgo 53885/15/61111210Clarence HenryYou Always Hurt The One You Love
placeholderInstant 32295/29/612217Chris KennerI Like It Like That, Part 1
placeholderMinit 6276/26/6121535Ernie K-DoeTe-Ta-Te-Ta-Ta
placeholderImperial 57647/24/6121512Fats DominoLet The Four Winds Blow
placeholderSmash 17107/31/61635Joe BarryTeardrops In My Heart
placeholderArgo 53958/7/6119576Clarence HenryLonely Street
placeholderFury 10538/28/611719Lee DorseyYa Ya
placeholderA.F.O. 3019/25/61281194Prince La LaShe Put The Hurt On Me
placeholderImperial 577910/2/61228Fats DominoWhat A Party
placeholderImperial 577910/16/61831Fats DominoRockin' Bicycle
placeholderArgo 540110/30/61645Clarence HenryOn Bended Knees
placeholderMinit 63411/6/61695Ernie K-DoeI Cried My Last Tear
placeholderMinit 63411/13/61714Ernie K-DoeA Certain Girl
placeholderMinit 63211/13/616112The ShowmenIt Will Stand
placeholderA.F.O. 30211/13/611319Barbara GeorgeI Know (You Don't Love Me No More)
placeholderImperial 579612/4/61672Fats DominoI Hear You Knocking
placeholderImperial 579612/11/61307Fats DominoJambalaya (On The Bayou)
placeholderFury 105612/28/6122279Lee DorseyDo-Re-Mi
placeholderArgo 54081/13/62775Clarence HenryA Little Too Much
placeholderImperial 58162/24/622210Fats DominoYou Win Again
placeholderMinit 6412/24/62991Ernie K-DoePopeye Joe
placeholderImperial 58163/3/62902Fats DominoIda Jane
placeholderImperial 58113/17/62175Earl KingAlways A First Time
placeholderA.F.O. 3043/31/62466Barbara GeorgeYou Talk About Love
placeholderMinit 6445/5/6228806Benny SpellmanLipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)
placeholderImperial 58335/12/6222597Fats DominoMy Real Name
placeholderImperial 58336/2/6299
2Fats DominoMy Heart Is Bleeding
placeholderJamie 12206/16/621815Barbara LynnYou'll Lose A Good Thing
placeholderImperial 58636/30/62775Fats DominoNothing New (Same Old Thing)
placeholderImperial 58637/21/62981Fats DominoDance With Mr. Domino
placeholderAce 80018/18/62713Jimmy ClantonVenus In Blue Jeans
placeholderJamie 12339/22/62638Barbara LynnSecond Fiddle Girl
placeholderImperial 587510/6/62795Fats DominoDid You Ever See A Dream Walking
placeholderImperial 589512/15/6294
1Fats DominoWon't You Come On Back
placeholderAce 80051/5/63774Jimmy ClantonDarkest Street In Town
placeholderJamie 124012/15/6213656Barbara LynnYou're Gonna Need Me
placeholderJamie 12442/23/63934Barbara LynnDon't Be Cruel
placeholderJamie 12608/10/63688Barbara Lynn(I Cried At) Laura's Weddding
placeholderJamie 12776/20/64698Barbara LynnOh! Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')
placeholderImperial 660337/4/64803The ShowmenIt Will Stand
placeholderAmy 9276/19/6572813Lee DorseyRide Your Pony
placeholderAmy 93910/2/65100
1Lee DorseyWork, Work, Work
placeholderAmy 9451/1/6654410Lee DorseyGet Out Of My Life, Woman
placeholderAmy 9587/23/665812Lee DorseyWorking In The Coal Mine
placeholderAmy 96510/22/6610238Lee DorseyHoly Cow
placeholderAmy 9875/13/67971Lee DorseyMy Old Car
placeholderSansu 4667/15/67168511Betty HarrisNearer To You
placeholderAmy 99810/21/6731626Lee DorseyGo-Go Girl
placeholderJosie 10012/1/6973410The MetersSophisticated Cissy
placeholderJosie 10054/12/6942312The MetersCissy Strut
placeholderAmy 110556/28/6933955Lee DorseyEverything I Do Gonh Be Funky (From Now On)
placeholderJosie 10087/19/6920617The MetersEase Back
placeholderJosie 10184/4/7011508The MetersChicken Strut
placeholderJosie 10216/20/7026898The MetersHand Clapping Song
placeholderPolydor 1403811/7/70466Lee DorseyYes We Can - Part I
placeholderJosie 10249/12/70217The MetersA Message From The Meters
placeholderCotillion 441031/30/71394Tony OwensConfessin' A Feeling
placeholderJosie 10262/6/71423The MetersStretch Your Rubber Band
placeholderJosie 10296/12/71474The Meters(The World Is A Bit Under The Weather) Doodle-Oop

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1. 'Cosimo Code' matrix numbers on these 45s remain unknown, as they were replaced by the various labels with their own numbering system.
2. Cosimo Recording Studios closed in the Summer of 1967. Jazz City opened in early 1968.
3. Chart debut date given is the earliest entry, whether R&B or Pop.
4. Chart weeks listed represent the total number spent by the record on either the R&B or Pop charts, whichever is greater.
Joel Whitburn's Top R&B Singles 1942-1988, Top Pop Singles 1955-1996 and Bubbling Under the Hot 100 1959-1981, compiled from Billboard charts.
The Cash Box Singles Charts by Frank W. Hoffman