cosimo code
placeholder94153Ace 6131/23/61
Cliff & Ed Thomas featuring Fats on the PianoDo You No Wrong
placeholder94154Ace 613Cliff & Ed Thomas featuring Fats on the PianoShame
placeholder94155Vin 1027Malvereen Drew & The StardustersHappiest Season
placeholder94156Vin 1027Malvereen Drew & The StardustersChristmas Time
placeholder13159Able 101Bill HayesHurricane
placeholder13160Able 101Bill HayesPoor White Trash
placeholder1161Tulane 103Raymond WashingtonShake To The East
placeholder1162Tulane 103Raymond WashingtonCan't Help Loving You
placeholder94163Rex 10151/9/61
Earl KingDarling Honey Angel Child
placeholder94164Rex 10159/12/60
Earl KingI Can't Help Myself
placeholder94165Ace 614Tony MattinaForever And Forever
placeholder94166Ace 6141/23/61
Tony MattinaWon't You Promise Me Your Love
placeholder113167Spinett 1007StormyFools Paradise
placeholder113168Spinett 1007StormyThe Devil In Your Heart
placeholder113169Spinett 1008Snuffy SmithLamumba
placeholder113170Spinett 1008Snuffy SmithAngola
placeholder94173Ace 6102/11/61
The Rhythm MastersThe Devil And His Old Suitcase
placeholder94174Ace 610The Rhythm MastersHolding My Savior's Hand
placeholder134175Diamond Disk 102Billy BlankenshipI'm Asking Forgiveness
placeholder134176Diamond Disk 102Billy BlankenshipConfess To Me
placeholder94179Ace 611Mac Rebennack & His OrchestraGood Times
placeholder94180Ace 6111/30/61
Mac Rebennack & His OrchestraSahara
placeholder94181Ace 612Bat CarrollFunny
placeholder94182Ace 6121/30/61
Bat CarrollCome On Home
placeholder115183Nix 101CamelotsLulu
placeholder115184Nix 101CamelotsNever Been In Love Before
placeholder25191Tulane 104Young Louis ArmstrongTalking About You
placeholder25192Tulane 104Young Louis ArmstrongYou Made Me Cry
placeholder84193Rustone 14053/18/61
The JadesBlowin' The Rock
placeholder84194Rustone 1405Emmett & The JadesNo One
placeholder94195Ace 620Paul GibsonMemories
placeholder94196Ace 620Paul GibsonWhat More
placeholder84199Rustone 1406Willie WestIt's No Use To Try
placeholder84200Rustone 1406Willie WestWille Knows How
placeholder94205Ace 6163/20/61
Jimmy Clanton & Mary Ann MobleyDown The Aisle
placeholder94206Ace 6163/25/61
Jimmy Clanton & Mary Ann MobleyNo Longer Blue
placeholder94L 207Ace LP 1011Jimmy ClantonMy Best To You - side one
placeholder94L 208Ace LP 1011Jimmy ClantonMy Best To You - side two
placeholder64L 211Montel LP 101J.B. Kling Jr."Cajun" Humor on the Bayou - side one
placeholder64L 212Montel LP 101J.B. Kling Jr."Cajun" Humor on the Bayou - side two
placeholder94213Ace 619Big LeeLoveless Love
placeholder94214Ace 619Big LeeStar Mist
placeholder94215Ace 6173/27/61
Johnny AnthonyRemember Me
placeholder94216Ace 6173/25/61
Johnny AnthonyBecause I Do
placeholder94217Ace 618Joe & AnnWill You
placeholder94218Ace 618Joe & AnnMr. Blues
placeholder94220Ace 622Jimmy ClantonI Just Wanna Make Love
placeholder37223Duchess 1001Walter VaughnSally Pearl
placeholder37224Duchess 1001Walter VaughnDown On My Knees
placeholder37225Duchess 1002Lattimore BrownTeenie Weenie
placeholder94225Ace 6224/29/61
Jimmy ClantonDon't Look At Me
placeholder37226Duchess 1002Lattimore BrownNight Time Is The Right Time
placeholder37227Countess 501Jo Paris and The RoyalitesI Wish Love (Would Happen To Me)
placeholder37228Countess 501Jo Paris and The RoyalitesExcuses, Alibis
placeholder64228Montel 1003James 'Sugar Boy' CrawfordDanny Boy
placeholder64229Montel 1003James 'Sugar Boy' CrawfordRound & Round
placeholder37229Duchess 1003The Mighty MenSomethin' Else
scan69229Another 100Drits & DravyTalk That Talk Pt. 1
37230Duchess 1003The Mighty MenDon't Stop Now
scan69230Another 100Drits & DravyTalk That Talk Pt. 2
placeholder134230Spiral 1001Doug Perez with the Shuffling OrbitsSneaky
placeholder37231Duchess 1004Floyd DixonGo Back To Your Mother
placeholder134231Spiral 1001Doug Perez with the Shuffling OrbitsUmble Rumble
placeholder37232Duchess 1004Floyd DixonGirl Down In New Orleans
placeholder43232Halco 101Bill and PeeweeCarrie My Love
placeholder43233Halco 101Bill and PeeweeTeenage Style
placeholder37233Duchess 1005The MatadorsNonsense
placeholder37234Duchess 1005The MatadorsIf I Had Another Chance
placeholder94L 234Ace LP 1013C.Z. 'The Cajun' BreauxMore Laughs With The Cajun - side one
placeholder94L 235Ace LP 1013C.Z. 'The Cajun' BreauxMore Laughs With The Cajun - side two
placeholder37235Duchess 1006The Mighty MenNo Way Out
placeholder37236Duchess 1006The Mighty MenYou Too Much
placeholder37237Duchess 1007Lattimore BrownWhat Have I Done Wrong
placeholder37238Duchess 1007Lattimore BrownOnly I Can Tell The Story
placeholder37239Duchess 1008Big Bo & The ArrowsFuzzy (Instrumental)
placeholder37240Duchess 1008Big Bo & The ArrowsDe De Dinah (Instrumental)
placeholder94L 240Ace LP 1012Various ArtistsThe Greatest 15 Hits On Ace - side one
placeholder94L 241Ace LP 1012Various ArtistsThe Greatest 15 Hits On Ace - side two
placeholder37241Duchess 1009Arthur K. AdamsI Had A Dream
placeholder37242Duchess 1009Arthur K. AdamsI'll Be Your Friend
placeholder94242Ace 625Sugar Boy CrawfordHave A Little Mercy
placeholder37243Duchess 1010FinnimoI Want To Marry You
placeholder94243Ace 625Sugar Boy CrawfordI Cried
placeholder37244Duchess 1010FinnimoJust Ask For What You Want
placeholder94244Ace 626Tommy BedwellCry
placeholder94245Ace 626Tommy BedwellMaybe I'm Wrong
placeholder37245Duchess 1011Walter VaughnWhite Silver Sands
placeholder11246Instant 32316/22/61
Al ReedMagic Carpet
placeholder37246Duchess 1011Walter VaughnGoing Down The Railroad Track
placeholder11247Instant 3231Al ReedToying With Love
placeholder37247Duchess 1012Fred LoweryWait And See
placeholder37248Duchess 1012Fred LoweryGoodbye
placeholder37249Duchess 10132/10/62
Big Bo & The ArrowsBig Bo's Twist
placeholder11250Instant 3232James RiversCloser Walk
placeholder37250Duchess 1013Big Bo & The ArrowsHully Gully, Now
placeholder11251Instant 32326/17/61
James RiversTake Your Choice
placeholder37251Duchess 10154/28/62
Lattimore BrownA Mistaken Prayer
placeholder37252Duchess 10154/28/62
Lattimore BrownSay What
placeholder37253Duchess 1016Big Bo & The ArrowsIt Keeps Raining (inst.)
placeholder21254drew-Blan 1004Jay NelsonBaby Please
placeholder37254Duchess 1016Big Bo & The ArrowsCantina (inst.)
placeholder21255drew-Blan 1004Jay NelsonCrazy Over Daisy
placeholder67258Hammond 4461Luke Thompson and His Green Valley BoysMountain Sweetheart
placeholder67259Hammond 4461Luke Thompson and His Green Valley BoysI'm Lost Between The Falling Snow
placeholder94260Ace 628Bob WagnerThe Miracle
placeholder94261Ace 628Bob WagnerA Girl Like You
placeholder63262Flag 5001Bobby JoeHayfever
placeholder63263Flag 5001Bobby JoeLiving Stone
placeholder64264Montel 9018/21/61
Kenny GillGolden Angel
placeholder64265Montel 901Kenny GillPlaster Of Paris
placeholder64266Montel 9028/7/61
Jay Chevalier and The Long ShotsI Ula Francana (My Louisiana Maid)
placeholder64267Montel 902Jay Chevalier and The Long ShotsTrue So True
placeholder94270Ace 6297/22/61
Roland StoneJust A Moment
placeholder94271Ace 6297/17/61
Roland StoneI Can't Help It
placeholder94272Ace 630Benny (Mother-In-Law) SpellmanThat's All I Ask Of You
placeholder94274Ace 631Chuck CarboTears Tears And More Tears
placeholder94275Ace 631Chuck CarboI Shouldn't But I Do
placeholder94282Ace 630Benny (Mother-In-Law) SpellmanRoll On Big Wheel
placeholder94284Ace 633Allan CollayYou're Not The Same Girl
placeholder94285Ace 633Allan CollayOne More Time
placeholder71286Sonora 205Joe Di StefanoHalf A Heart
placeholder71287Sonora 205Joe Di StefanoBella Mia
placeholder134288Spiral 1003Joe Deno with The CorvettesCome On Home
placeholder134289Spiral 1003Joe Deno with The CorvettesDays And Nights
placeholder134290Spiral 1002The CountsMy Babe
placeholder134291Spiral 1002The CountsFiddling
placeholder94293Ace 635Good Time CharliePeg O' My Heart
placeholder94294Ace 635Good Time Charlie(The Gang That Sang) "Heart Of My Heart"
placeholder11299Instant 32338/14/61
Raymond LewisMiss Sticks
placeholder11300Instant 32338/19/61
Raymond LewisMiss Sticks Again
placeholder75303Som 1001Joe NorrisSon of Mississippi
placeholder75304Som 1001Joe NorrisRock Out Of This World
placeholder94305Ace 634Jimmy ClantonLucky I'm In Love With You
placeholder94306Ace 634Jimmy ClantonNot Like A Brother
placeholder81307Prime 2601Billy DoddsPraying For You
placeholder81308Prime 2601Billy DoddsWaiting For Your Love
placeholder64309Montel 904John Fred and The PlayboysDown In New Orleans
placeholder64310Montel 904John Fred and The PlayboysI Love You
placeholder64311Montel 903Lester RobertsonMy Girl Across Town
placeholder64312Montel 903Lester RobertsonMy Heart Forever Yearns
placeholder11315Instant 32348/26/61
Chris KennerPackin' Up
placeholder11316Instant 32348/21/61
Chris KennerA Very True Story
placeholder49317Vibra 222Pete Kogis and The CountsPeace And Love
placeholder49318Vibra 222Pete Kogis and The CountsLinda
placeholder89321La-Vie 101Kim DroulettThere Is No Other One Like You
placeholder89322La-Vie 101Kim DroulettWhy Live So Close Together
placeholder94L 323Ace LP 1014Jimmy ClantonTeenage Millionaire - side one
placeholder94L 324Ace LP 1014Jimmy ClantonTeenage Millionaire - side two
placeholder94325Ace 6369/25/61
Scotty McKayI've Got My Eyes On You
placeholder94326Ace 6369/30/61
Scotty McKayShattered Dreams
placeholder94327Ace 637Big Boy MylesOh Mary
placeholder94328Ace 637Big Boy MylesWho Can I Turn To
placeholder168329Rosebud 100Tac TaylorCut You Loose
placeholder168330Rosebud 100Tac TaylorTrying To Make A Fool Of Me
placeholder21331drew-Blan 1005Peter Buck & The DondaleersThe Clock
placeholder21332drew-Blan 1005Peter Buck & The DondaleersThat's Enough
placeholder21333Drew 1001Jerry Raines & The VikingsTell Me
placeholder21334Drew 1001Jerry Raines & The VikingsI Hear You Knocking
placeholder11335Instant 32401/27/62
Errol DeeI Love You
placeholder11336Instant 3240Errol DeeLove Or Money
placeholder11337Instant 323610/16/61
Art NevilleThat Rock & Roll Beat
placeholder11338Instant 323610/21/61
Art NevilleToo Much
placeholder85339Alon 900010/23/61
Willie HarperBut I Couldn't
placeholder85340Alon 900011/4/61
Willie HarperNew Kind Of Love
placeholder11341Instant 32359/25/61
Shirkee & ZarnoffDon't Worry
placeholder11342Instant 323510/7/61
Shirkee & ZarnoffShirley
placeholder94345JC 10004/21/61
Ronnie & DelinquentsBad Neighborhood
placeholder94346JC 1000Ronnie & DelinquentsKeeps Dragging Me On
placeholder71347Sonora 206J. BeaneSleepless Nights
placeholder71348Sonora 206J. BeaneI Keep Crying
placeholder101349Rush 1042The Tic Tocs featuring Johnny WilliamsStop
placeholder101350Rush 1042The Tic Tocs featuring Johnny WilliamsTrue By You
placeholder64353Montel 905Lester RobertsonSend For Me
placeholder64354Montel 905Lester RobertsonEverybody Wants To Know
placeholder94356Ace 64111/27/61
Jimmy ClantonTwist On Little Girl
placeholder94357Ace 64111/25/61
Jimmy ClantonWayward Love
placeholder94358Ace 642 (EP)Jimmy ClantonGreen Light / Happy Times
placeholder94359Ace 642 (EP)Jimmy ClantonTwist On Little Girl / Wayward Love
placeholder94360Ace 638Huey "Piano" Smith and His ClownsShe Got Low Down
placeholder94362Ace 639 (EP)Huey "Piano" Smith and His ClownsRockin' Pneumonia / Little Liza Jane
placeholder94363Ace 639 (EP)Huey "Piano" Smith and His ClownsShe Got Low Down / Mean, Mean Man
placeholder94365Ace 63811/27/61
Huey "Piano" Smith and His ClownsMean, Mean Man
placeholder94L 370Ace LP 1015Huey Smith and His ClownsFor Dancing - side one
placeholder94L 371Ace LP 1015Huey Smith and His ClownsFor Dancing - side two
placeholder64378Montel 906Jay Chevalier and The LongshotsMr.Football (Billy Cannon)
placeholder64379Montel 906Jay Chevalier and The LongshotsCuttin' Cane
placeholder64380Montel 907Floyd BrownTeenage Vision
placeholder64381Montel 907Floyd BrownWhat I Want
placeholder103386Eric 7002Buddy LortonTime
placeholder103387Eric 7002Buddy LortonMakes No Never Mind
placeholder11388Instant 323711/11/61
Chris KennerSomething You Got
placeholder11389Instant 323710/30/61
Chris KennerCome See About Me
placeholder21394drew-Blan 1006Jay NelsonHey La-Bah
placeholder21395drew-Blan 1006Jay NelsonDon't You Remember Me
placeholder11398Instant 323812/4/61
Al ReedOne Eyed Monster
placeholder11400Instant 323812/2/61
Al ReedRing The Ding Dong Bells
placeholder94401Ace 643Roland StoneEverybody's Lonesome
placeholder94402Ace 6431/20/62
Roland StoneI Was A Fool
placeholder75403Princess 4004Mickey GilleyYour First Time
placeholder75404Princess 4004Mickey GilleyDrive In Movie
placeholder75405Som 1003Joey LongSomethin' To Ease My Pain
placeholder75406Som 1003Joey LongIf You See My Baby
placeholder75407Som 1004Phil Bo & The VikingsMr. Train
placeholder75408Som 1004Phil Bo & The VikingsOh! What A Mistake
placeholder75409Eric 7003Big Sambo and The HousewreckersAt The Party
placeholder75410Eric 7003Big Sambo and The HousewreckersThe Rains Came
placeholder85416Alon 90011/13/62
The Night HawksRockin' Hawk
placeholder85417Alon 90011/13/62
The Night HawksYour Somethin' Else
placeholder11418Instant 323912/11/61
Joe (MR.G) AugustEverything Happens At Night
placeholder11419Instant 323912/16/61
Joe (MR.G) AugustTell Me
placeholder64L 420Montel LP 102Kenny GillFascinating Guitar - side one
placeholder64L 421Montel LP 102Kenny GillFascinating Guitar - side two
placeholder94422Ace 645Glenn VandellCloser To You
placeholder94423Ace 645Glenn VandellJust As I Love You
placeholder94424Ace 644The Swinging Embers featuring Jackie HamiltonWinter Wonderland
placeholder94425Ace 644The Swinging Embers featuring Jackie HamiltonI'm So Lonely
placeholder21426Drew 1002Wayne & The Velvet-TonesHam Sandwich Twist
placeholder21427Drew 1002Wayne & The Velvet-TonesWith Mustard Twist
placeholder134428Spiral 1004Ronnie BonckReality
placeholder134429Spiral 1004Ronnie BonckBe My Guide
placeholder64430Montel 801Bud & Mae Fisher and The Western SwingstersYou Better Believe It
placeholder64431Montel 801Bud Fisher and The Western SwingstersThese Memories
placeholder64432Montel 90812/25/61
Dale Houston(Big Bad) City Police
placeholder64433Montel 908Dale HoustonLonely Man
placeholder64434Montel 909Kenny Gill and His Fascinating GuitarPledging My Love
placeholder64435Montel 909Kenny Gill and His Fascinating GuitarMary Ann
placeholder11437Instant 32411/13/62
Allen CollayBye Bye Blackbird
placeholder11438Instant 32411/13/62
Allen CollayFour Days, Four Nights
placeholder94439Ace 646Gerri HallI'm The One
placeholder94440Ace 646Gerri HallHello Mister Dream
placeholder94L 441Ace LP 1016C.Z. BreauxWorld's Funniest Cajun Vol. 2 - side one
placeholder94L 442Ace LP 1016C.Z. BreauxWorld's Funniest Cajun Vol. 2 - side two
placeholder143443Lanor 507Elton AndersonHumpty Dumpty Heart
placeholder143444Lanor 507Elton AndersonDon't Touch Me Baby
placeholder21445drew-Blan 1007Peter Buck Wayne & The VikingsOh Yes (I Don't Love You No More)
placeholder21446drew-Blan 1007Peter Buck Wayne & The VikingsIf I Ask You
placeholder147448Chan 105The SquiresChattanooga Choo Choo
placeholder147449Chan 105The SquiresMean Misery
placeholder94450Ace 6491/13/62
Huey Smith And His ClownsPop-Eye
placeholder94451Ace 6491/13/62
Huey Smith And His ClownsScald-Dog


The Twist is an international phenomenon, and Rhythm & Blues is entering a hard-edged phase which would lead to the Soul movement.

kdoeFor New Orleans, 1961 is something of a red-letter year with Ernie K-Doe's scoring a No. 1 pop hit with Mother-In-Law (Minit, distributed by Imperial) and Chris Kenner hitting No. 2 pop with I Like It Like That (Instant), produced by rising young producer Allen Toussaint for owner of both labels, Joe Banashak.

Former hit artist Clarence 'Frogman' Henry scores again after a break of four years with But I Do, a No. 4 hit produced by Paul Gayten for Argo, the Chess subsidiary. Argo enjoys further New Orleans-recorded hits by Henry during the year. Fats Domino notches up 10 Top 100 entries in the year.

battisteHarold Battiste launches the A.F.O. (All For One) organization with the intention of giving local black musicians a share of the musical pie. A.F.O. has a dream start with I Know by Barbara George, a No. 3 pop hit when distributed by Juggy Murray's Sue label. Then the A.F.O. Combo contributes to Lee Dorsey's Top 10 hit, Ya Ya, for Bobby Robinson's Fury label which in turn leads to a breakup with Murray.

Imperial, Ace and Instant are recording prolifically. Small Louisiana labels Jin, drew-Blan, Montel and Rustone are utilizing the Cosimo studio facilities.

A noted newcomer is Huey Meaux, the Crazy Cajun from Winnie, Texas, with Joe Barry's hits for Jin and then Smash, the Mercury subsidiary. Another Texan, Al Klein, enters into a close distribution arrangement with Instant for his Duchess label (leading to several unexplained duplicate matrix numbers in the process).
- John Broven