Celebrated author (and Cosimo Code co-founder) John Broven is proud to announce the publication of a completely revised and updated edition of his award-winning 1974 classic that introduced New Orleans R&B to the rest of the world. With over 100 more pages of newly conducted interviews and research, this expanded 2016 version is a must-have for any fan of Crescent City music!

"John Broven's newly revised, expanded and updated Rhythm and Blues in New Orleans (originally issued as Walking to New Orleans) is the definitive, go-to source for anyone interested in the deep origins of the rock 'n' roll genre... a fabulous, moving and thorough paean to some of the giants of the rock genre whose contributions might sadly be overlooked. A book to be read and re-read." - Cyril Vetter, OFFBEAT

"It appears that you have added to and improved the prior editions considerably. It is truly a scholarly work, and should function as a college text along with your Record Makers and Breakers." - Art Rupe, SPECIALTY RECORDS

"Broven has done a fantastic job of modernizing his landmark tome, ensuring that this new edition will serve, for years to come, as an indispensable printed guide to the classic post-World War II sounds of New Orleans... No excuses: Buy this book!"

"I spent some time flicking through it straight away and found the updated information alone very interesting. It has become a mighty tome and I am proud to be associated with it." - Paul Harris, MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHER

"I will be constantly going back to the book over the coming months, years as I feel it is a superb edition. Like its forebear it will become a classic and definitive work on the sound of New Orleans R&B and its impact on the music and social life of America in the 20th century." - Jay Halsey, inductee LOUISIANA MUSIC HALL OF FAME

"It looks awesome!" - Willie West, NEW ORLEANS R&B LEGEND

"Your book is so good that yesterday I missed my underground station stop going back home 'cause I was gone to New Orleans!" - Dominique Anglares, MUSIC RESEARCHER

"When I first bought John Broven's award winning Rhythm & Blues in New Orleans, it was like the Rosetta stone to me, and opened my eyes to a wealth of music I knew nothing about... New contributions from Tad Jones, Jeff Hannusch, Rick Coleman, Ben Sandmel and Ira 'Dr.Ike' Padnos discuss the current state of Crescent City music, and the book is now rounded out by a newly compiled appendix of pertinent information."
- red kelly, SOUL DETECTIVE

"Americans don't realize how much their music is revered overseas. Not just New Orleans music. American rhythm and blues and rock 'n' roll records in general. But New Orleans music, in particular, has an uplifting quality."
- John Broven (as told to John Wirt in OFFBEAT)