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Author:  red kelly [ Fri May 29, 2020 2:39 pm ]
Post subject:  New ANNOUNCEMENT

Hello folks:

We have been hacked! that's right, some miscreant or other has somehow infiltrated our site, and introduced some 'code' or other (besides Cosimo's) that redirects a google search of "The Cosimo Code" to some stupid place that sells Viagra, etc.

This sucks - and, also, since Soul Detective is some kind of 'sub-domain' all google searches for any of my other material are blocked as well. I have tried to contact Google about all this, and they tell me it's not their problem... my web-hosting service (goDaddy) is basically clueless, and want me to plunk down around $300 for an https certificate or something, which they cannot guarantee me will fix the problem.

Suffice it to say that I am pissed off at the lot of them, and am trying to figure all this out... in the meantime, PLEASE - if you are adding a new number, or posting anything to The Forum, alert me via email that you have done so as well. It's become near impossible to wade through the 1000s of spam messages (which hopefully are not visible to anyone but administrators like me), to find the real posts from you guys.

Our email remains: (AT equaling @ of course)

Thank You for all of your continued interest and dedication to the music!!

-red kelly

ps: if any of you are the tech-savvy "IT" type and would like to help me straighten all of this out, please get in touch!

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